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Most promising research areas for the Faculty Research Centre

The following is a summary of the current research projects. The projects span wide spectrum of fundamental-to-applied research focusing on promoting interdisciplinary research, training of highly qualified personnel, interaction with industry and municipalities and technology transfer. The research activities fall in three themes, as shown below:

Theme 1:
Effective Design of Resilient Structures

Project 1a:
Feasibility of using precast concrete and masonry blocks for sustainable houses and  low-rise buildings.

Project 1b:
Development of new design methodologies for concrete and steel bridges incorporating innovative high performance materials with high durability.

Project 1c:
Risk assessment of buildings and bridges under extreme loading, such as earthquake loads and blast loads.

Project 1d:
Vulnerability assessment of critical building structures subjected to progressive collapse.

Theme 2:
Effective Rehabilitation of Deteriorating Infrastructures

Project 2a:
Applications of new fibre-reinforced polymer composite in retrofitting existing deteriorating concrete and steel bridges .

Project 2b:
Development of effective systems for mitigating the adverse effects of dynamic and impact loading on existing buildings, bridges, and dams.

Project 2c:
Infrastructure inspection destructive and non-destructive technologies and techniques for bridges and pipelines.

Theme 3:
Innovative Structures, Retrofit Strategies and Life-safety Performance of Built-Infrastructure

Project 3a:
Development of innovative steel structures using low-damage solutions

Project 3b:
Wind and Earthquake performance-based design of buildings and other structures

Project 3c:
Seismic resiliency assessment of buildings and lifelines from hazard characterization to response prediction

Project 3d:
Development of retrofit strategies for improving the seismic resilience of existing building stocks

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