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Concordia's Board approves 2012-13 operating budget

At its last meeting of the academic year, the Board bids farewell to outgoing members, including President Frederick Lowy and Chair Peter Kruyt
June 26, 2012
By Tom Peacock

2012-13 operating budget approved
Following a presentation by Concordia’s Chief Financial Officer Patrick Kelley, the Concordia’s Board of Governors gave final approval to the 2012-13 operating budget, subject to confirmation of the final financial details from Quebec’s Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport. Read more.

Reduction in planned tuition fees for international students announced
Upon the recommendation of the senior administration, the Board approved a 2.4 per cent increase in the per-credit hour charge to undergraduate international students in the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science and undergraduate and graduate students in the John Molson School of Business. This increase is equal to the increase in the cost-of-living for Quebec, as of April 2012 and is substantially less than what was called for in a 2009 Board resolution dealing with fees for international students. Read more.

Board approves report and recommendations from Ombuds Appraisal Committee
The Board approved a report and recommendations submitted by the Ombuds Appraisal Committee regarding Concordia’s Ombuds Office. The report was based upon input received from the university community as well as a report prepared by an external appraiser. The external appraiser stated that the office is “functioning well given the workload and expectations placed on the office and its incumbent.”

Broadcasting and recording of Board meetings not permitted
The Board passed a resolution prohibiting unauthorized broadcasting or recording of Board meetings. However, an internal feed, provided by Concordia’s Instructional and Information Technology Services (IITS), is available for public viewing in the overflow room in the Henry F. Hall Building.

Graduate Students’ Association submits recommendations regarding ongoing student protest
Concordia’s Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) submitted several recommendations to the Board related to the ongoing student protest action against the government’s planned tuition fee increases. These recommendations included directing Concordia’s administration to engage with students currently boycotting classes to avoid future problems; releasing the numbers of students charged under the Code of Rights and Responsibilities, related to protest action; removing all charges against students filed under the Code; and a moratorium on further disciplinary action against students. These recommendations were referred to the Executive Committee for review.

Outgoing Board members thanked
At its meeting on June 21, Concordia’s Board of Governors bid farewell to several outgoing board members, including President Frederick Lowy and Chair of the Board of Governors, Peter Kruyt.

Executive Committee membership approved
Four of the eight Board of Governors’ Executive Committee members are appointed ex-officio (by virtue of their position). In order to ensure that there is a functional executive committee in place this summer, the Board of Governors passed a motion to approve the committee’s new membership, effective July 1, 2012. The following individuals were appointed to the Executive Committee:

  • Norman Hébert, Jr. (ex-officio) — Chair
  • Alan Shepard (ex-officio) – as of August 1, 2012
  • Shimon Amir (ex-officio)
  • Marie-José Nadeau (ex-officio)
  • Hélène Fortin
  • Norman Ingram
  • Michel Novak
  • Lex Gill (until such time as the Concordia Student Union names its regular representative to the Board)

Board appointments announced
Board member Jonathan Wener was appointed Deputy Chancellor for a term of three years. The position had been vacant since the appointment of L. Jacques Ménard as Chancellor on January 1, 2011. The Deputy Chancellor has the powers of the Chancellor in his absence or inability to act.

The Board approved the nominations of Shimon Amir as the internal vice-chair, and Marie-José Nadeau as the external vice-chair.

Jean-Pierre Desrosier, Hélène Fortin, Norman Hèbert, Jr., Marie-José Nadeau, and Anne Tobias were reappointed as Board members for a three-year term.

To fill two external vacancies, the Board approved nominations put forward by the Governance and Ethics Committee: the reappointment of John Lemieux and appointment of Mélanie La Couture to the Board and the Corporation of Concordia University, each for a three-year term. La Couture is the chief operating officer of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal.

Continuing external governors are Joelle Berdugo-Adler, Tim Brodhead, Howard Davidson, Jacques Lyrette, Tony Meti, and Michael Novak.

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