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How to purchase a computer

By Marcello Rodi

Procurement Services has a guide for Computer Purchases that is valid for all Concordia Employees.

For any information or assistance, please email us at

There are two IITS computer refresh programs, one for Faculty and one for Staff. CDA is managing their application at Fine Arts.

CDA can also help/place an order for computers from Faculty PDA funds.

All computer purchases for Fine Arts are delivered to CDA to be tagged and engraved.

CDA will contact you the same day to let you know it arrived and to coordinate setup, file transfers from your old computer and pickup.

Waivers for non-standard Windows computers

(Macs don’t need a waiver)

If you require a non-standard Windows computer, you’ll need to download and fill out the Waiver request form, available from Procurment's Guide.
The form has to be attached to the Unity Purchase Requisition.
CDA supports all computer models, but the university needs a justification attached to the web requisition.

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