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About the centre

What is cognitive science?

Cognitive science is the study of intelligence in humans, other animals and in artificial systems.

It includes the study of representations and processes involved in the acquisition, development, storage and use of information in such areas as: language, perception, learning, memory, decision making, attention, knowledge, reasoning, consciousness and the control of action.

Interdisciplinary approach

Some of the disciplines that bear on the interests of cognitive scientists are linguistics, psychology, philosophy and computer science.

In this respect, cognitive science is well represented in these disciplines and others at Concordia University.

Shared interests

Members of the Centre for Cognitive Science and Linguistics share an interest in foundational issues in cognitive science, such as the nature of mental representations and how these representations are computed by the mind/brain.

A common goal

Our goal at the Centre for Cognitive Science and Linguistics is to serve the university and broader cognitive science community by organizing talks and workshops and facilitating communication among and between scholars with common interests.

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