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Graduate application FAQs

Questions about applying to the English MA program? Read our FAQs or contact the Graduate Program Assistant. For general admissions guidelines, please consult the graduate admissions pages.

January 15    

  • If you are applying to the Creative Writing option please note that the portfolio should be submitted by January 15th
  • All other application documents are due January 15th as well.
Deadline to be considered for assistantships or awards

April 1

  • If you missed the January deadline, you can still apply for Fall admission.  
  • Students applying to the Creative Writing option can submit the portfolio on or before April 1st.
Deadline to be considered for admission without awards
There is no January admission.  

  • Statement of Purpose   Your statement should mention the area of literary study you are interested in at the graduate level, your reasons for wanting to pursue this degree in our program and future goals related to your academic interests. The average length of the statement of purpose is 500 words, double-spaced

  • Transcripts   You can submit an unofficial copy of your transcript for application purposes.  If you receive an offer to the program you will be required to submit an official version.

  • Letters of Reference   Must be received in a signed, sealed envelope. There is also an Assessment Form   that should accompany each letter of reference. The applicant can collect the letters and mail them themselves or ask their referees to send them direclty to the above address.   Either way they must be signed and sealed when they arrive.

  • Proof of Citizenship  Must be supplied or your application file will not be considered complete. Students who are currently enrolled at Concordia must supply proof of citizenship to complete their graduate application file. A clear photocopy of a birth certificate or citizenship card (both sides) will suffice.  Passports are not

  • International Students   Must supply a sample of their written work, such as a course paper or a thesis.

Two (2) copies of the portfolio must be mailed directly to the following address.

Graduate Program Assistant
Concordia University
Department of English
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West
Montreal, Quebec
H3G 1M8

DO NOT use any special binding or folders and do not submit your work on a CD.

Portfolios will NOT be returned.

Please collate each of the portfolios separately.  Do Not staple but separate the copies with either a sheet of coloured paper, cardboard or individual envelopes.   Each copy of your portfolio should have a Portfolio Cover Page included.  Students not accepted into the Creative Writing program may enter the Literature Option if they have met admission requirements and have indicated that they are interested in the other option on the Portfolio Cover Page form.

Three (3) copies of the portfolio are to be submitted, and may be in prose, poetry or drama, or some combination. Submit your strongest work, that which you feel accurately represents your abilities and interests. Where possible, complete works are preferable to excerpts.

It is not necessary to submit all three genres; though you may wish to reflect your strengths in various genres, the focus should be on that in which you propose to complete your thesis. If you write prose, submit 35 to (a maximum of) 45 pages (double-spaced); if poetry, 20 to (a maximum of) 25 pages (single-spaced). If you are applying in drama, you must submit one complete play. In the case of a combined-genre portfolio, the total should not exceed 35 pages (unless drama is included).

The following documents can be uploaded directly to your online applicaiton

--   Statement of Purpose

--   Unofficial copy of your most up-to-date transcript

--   Proof of Citizenship

--   Resume

--   Writing Sample (International Students only)


Letters of Reference can be mailed directly to the graduate program assistant at the following address

Bonnie-Jean Campbell
English Department
Concordia University
1455 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West
Montreal, Quebec
H3G 1M8

or they can be sent to

Concordia University
Graduate Admissions Applicaiton Centre
P.O. Box 2002, Station H
Montreal, Quebec
H3G 2V4


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