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As a Tier II Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Nanobioscience, my research at Concordia brings together research from the field of polymer chemistry at the interface of biology and nanoscience. Our research group primarily focuses on the development of macromolecular nanoscale devices as multifunctional drug delivery nanocarriers, cellular imaging platforms, and tissue scaffolds for biological and biomedical applications. These advanced nanomaterials can interface with biological processes as well as understand their biological functions, thus offering enormous potential for cancer research and treatment. Furthermore, we have expanded our research scope to include the development of highly-valued materials for fuel-cell and industrial applications.

1.   SRD-based nanomaterials: block copolymer-based self-assembled nanocarriers, hydrogels, nanogels, fibers, and thermoresponsive polymers.

2.   Multidentate block copolymer (MDBC)-stabilized organic and inorganic hybrids

3.   High performance industrial materials: thiol-ene crosslinked and self-healable materials.

Canada Research Chairs
Canada Foundation for Innovation
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
The FRQNT - Fonds Nature et technologies - Gouvernement du Québec
Centre Québécois sur les Matériaux Fonctionnels
PPG Industries
Precision Nanosystems
Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Advanced Polymer Materials Inc
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