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Research projects

Bureaucrats and Immigration Politics

In collaboration with Elke Winter, we research the role of bureaucracies in immigration policymaking and their impact on the politics of immigration. This research is funded by the Social Science Research Council of Canada.

Border Crossing and Federalism

In collaboration with Robert Schertzer, we explore how recent irregular border crossings between the United States and Canada are managed through intergovernmental relations. This research is developed in collaboration with the Institute for Research on Public Policy.

Sanctuary Cities in Canada

In collaboration with Meghan Joy, Graham Hudson, Idil Atak and John Shield, we research the development of sanctuary policies in Canadian cities. This research is funded by the Partnership Building Migrant Resilience in Cities (BMRC-IRMU).

Contemporary Immigration Politics in Quebec

We research recent debates surrounding immigration in Quebec, in relation to global trends such as: the rise of anti-immigration movements, the growth of temporary migration schemes and the debates surround refugee resettlement. This research is funded in part by the Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire sur la diversité et la démocratie (CRIDAQ).

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