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POLI 316/ SCPA  - Immigration in Quebec and Canada 

This course focuses on immigration and diversity policies as well as the social consequences of immigration and multiculturalism in Canadian and Quebec contexts. Students learn about the evolution of policy in these areas as well as covering topics such as public opinion and reactions toward immigration, advantages and challenges of multiculturalism versus integration, and the theoretical debates surrounding immigration and models of integration

POLI 489G - Immigration, Integration and the State

This undergraduate seminar considers states’ responses to immigration. Instead of focusing our attention to normative questions regarding immigration and the integration of newcomers, our starting point will be the assumption that states make public policies to manage “migration”. The central question we will be focusing on is: what are the factors and dynamics that impact the development of immigration and integration public policies. Using the lenses of public policy will allow us to decompose state action, from problem definition to policy implementation, and help us develop a more precise understanding of immigration policy and politics.

POLI 683/815 - The State and Immigration

This seminar provides students with a broad knowledge of central concepts, analytical tools and theoretical approaches for the study of immigration and public administration, with a specific focus on the Canadian case.

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