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Sebastien Bernier

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Program of study: MBA in Investment Management (Montreal)
Expected graduation date: Summer 2022

Hometown/Home city: Montreal, Canada
Languages spoken: French, English

Why did you choose JMSB? John Molson is an up and coming university, allowing the faculty to have a more dynamic and up-to-date culture with the latest trends. In other words, it is a next-generation university. If you are looking to get into Capital Markets you have access to a direct stream of opportunities through the Van Berkom Investment Management Program (VBIMP). If you are into Responsible Investments (ESG) you have access to a unique learning platform with the Sustainable Investments Professional Certification (SIPC). Finally, you can work towards two professional designations through the Goodman Institute’s MBA in Investment Management where you work towards your CFA Charter while earning an internationally recognized MBA. 

Highlights of your program so far? The best part about the program is the network you build during your studies and with the alumni. You can pick the brains of top executives in the industry, learn about their experience and create a wide range of opportunities for yourself.

Why did you choose Montreal? Both cities are amazing! Since I live here, I have a bias toward Montreal; however, I have had the opportunity to travel for work and attend a few classes in Toronto and I think it has so much to offer. I love Montreal because of all its events, summer lifestyle and the diversity. I’d recommend coming to Montreal for a year and then maybe transfer to Toronto for more opportunities in finance. That being said, you can build an amazing career in Montreal at a lower cost of living! 

Future aspirations: This program gives a wide range of opportunities. I am working full-time and the opportunity to work towards my CFA Charter while doing my MBA has already opened many doors. Currently working as an Associate VP, Retail Sales at Franklin Templeton, I could split my career goals into 2 buckets. My first, more short-term goal is to complete both designations and keep learning as much as I can. In the longer-term, my end goal would be to keep moving up the ranks, hopefully one day aim at the C-suite but fundamentally, I want to have a positive impact on investors.


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