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Eli Minkowitz

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Program of study: MBA in Investment Management
Expected graduation date: Summer 2023

Hometown/Home city: Montreal, Canada
Languages spoken: English and some French

Why did you choose John Molson School of Business? The John Molson MBA in Investment Management, offered by the Goodman Institute is a program that offers benefits beyond the prestigious designations it bestows. The individualized approach and attention given to each student makes you feel comfortable and welcomed into a faculty that endorses inclusion, diversity, and belonging. This, along with all the amazing professors and administration cultivates an remarkable program.

Highlights of the program so far? My favourite part of the program is how accessible the faculty and administration are, with the aim of teaching a fascinating curriculum while making you feel right at home!

Why did you choose Montreal? I was born and raised in Toronto but recently moved to Montreal after marrying a Montrealer. Furthermore, I am interested in working in a quickly-accelerating finance industry while enjoying all that the city has to offer.

Future aspirations: My career goal is to become a fund/portfolio manager, and utilize what I learn in the Goodman program to generate my own investment thesis, which I hope to implement into investments that I am passionate about.


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