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SPNET consists of two committees: the Executive Committee (EC) and the Training and Outreach Committee (TOC).

The Executive Committee

Membership consists of one researcher from each university and one representative from each industrial partner. The Executive Committee (EC) Director, in conjunction with its other members, holds the ultimate governance responsibility for SPNET based on advice and recommendations from the Training and Outreach Committee (TOC).

The EC strikes a balance between “arm’s length” independent representation and inclusion of individuals directly involved in SPNET while it:

  • executes and oversees the management of the three SPNET research challenges, as well as outreach, workshops, and roundtable seminars and events;
  • makes decisions on the allocation of resources and Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) as well as the inclusion of new researchers and partners based on recommendations made by the TOC;
  • disburses approved funds to researchers in SPNET while ensuring that all expenditures are aligned with the approved budget in order to fulfill the strictest of accountability to the government and the Department of National Defence (DND);
  • approves urgent and new research initiatives.

The Training and Outreach Committee (TOC)

Membership is inclusive and consists of all the stakeholders involved in this collaborative network.

The TOC is responsible for:

  • delivering the training program of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) within three years and on budget;
  • providing strategic advice on establishing priorities;
  • delivering outcome-oriented training;
  • acting as a collaborative platform among all stakeholders in SPNET;
  • organizing and managing workshops and roundtable seminars held at the end of each year.


Khashayar Khorasani, Director and PI

Rasha Moustapha, Network Project Manager

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