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Schedule of activites

Wednesday, October 9

Time Event



Welcome with Charles Acland (Professor, Communication Studies, Concordia University) and Haidee Wasson (Professor, Film Studies, Concordia University)

EV 11.705


Opening Discussion – What was Interactivity?

Reading: Aaron Smuts, “What is Interactivity?,” Journal of Aesthetic Education, 43.4 (Winter 2009): 53–73

Participants: Charles Acland, Haidee Wasson, Vinzenz Hediger (Professor, Film Studies, Co-Director Graduiertenkolleg “Configurations of Film," Goethe University), Mia Consalvo (Professor, Communication Studies, Concordia University), Marie Sophie Beckmann (PhD Candidate, Goethe University), Antoine Prévost-Balga (PhD Candidate, Goethe University), Alexander Stark (PhD Candidate, Goethe University)



Opening Reception

EV 11.725

Thursday, October 10

Time Event

Foundations of Media Interactivity 

Chair:  Hannah Spaulding (Postdoctoral Scholar, Communication Studies/Media History Research Centre, Concordia University)

  • Rembert Hueser (Professor, Media Studies, Co-Director Graduiertenkolleg “Configurations of Film", Goethe University), “How Can One Be Farocki?”
  • Hannah Spaulding, “Everything TV is Not”: QUBE and the Fantasy of Interactive Television”
  • Quinn Valencourt (PhD Student, Communication Studies, Concordia University), “A life of ‘liveness’:  electronic media's history of immediacy and intimacy”
  • Élise Ross-Nadié (MA Student, Media Studies, Concordia University) and Stefanie Duguay (Assistant Professor, Communication Studies, Concordia University), “Interactivity beyond moral panic: The multiple uses and roles of dating and hook-up apps”
10:45–11:00 Break



Moving Image Practice

Chair: Elizabeth Miller (Professor, Communication Studies, Concordia University)

  • Andrea Polywka (PhD Candidate, Goethe University), “Interactive Knowledge and Expertise / Understanding of technical dimensions in contemporary mainstream cinema”
  • Jacqueline Ristola (PhD Student, Film and Moving Image Studies, Concordia University), “Beyond full and limited animation: Sedgewick, Joyrich, and televisual logic”
  • Elizabeth Miller, “Interactivity and the environment”
12:30–1:15 Lunch

Tracking and Training

Chair: Nicole Braida (PhD Candidate, Goethe University)

  • Guilherme de Silva Machado (PhD Candidate, Goethe University), “Interactivity in vocational training techniques”
  • Nicole Braida, “Call for (inter)action”
  • Rebecca Puchta (PhD Candidate, Goethe University), “In/Visible interactive surveillance and self-tracking apps”
3:00–3:15 Break

Media Environments

Chair: Zach Melzer (PhD Candidate, Film and Moving Image Studies, Concordia University)

  • Karin Fleck (PhD Candidate, Goethe University), “interactive listening”
  • Marin Reljic (PhD Candidate, Goethe University), “Virtual sound spaces: musical playback tracks and musical interactivity regarding Jewish folklore”
  • Zach Melzer, “Projection Mapping, Interactivity and the Architectures of the ‘Quiet Revolution’ in Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles”

Friday, October 11

Time Event


Media Localization

Chair: Owen Chapman (Associate Professor, Communication Studies, Concordia University)

  • Rebecca Boguska (PhD Candidate, Goethe University), “Responding to Images from Guantánamo”
  • Natalie Greenberg (PhD Student, Film and Moving Image Studies, Concordia University), “Signs of Skyways: Air Markers as a Logistical Media of Early Air Travel”
  • Philipp Roeding (PhD Candidate, Goethe University), “Passing through light spaces. Genealogy of the mobile spectator”
  • Owen Chapman, “The Selfie Orchestra”
10:45-11:00 Break



Closing Keynote

Introduction: Charles Acland

Bill Buxton (Professor, Communication Studies, Concordia University), “Decoupling Innis and McLuhan: From Media Ecology to an Ecology of Mediation”

Closing Remarks

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