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At Concordia, we are committed to the prevention of sexual violence by creating a campus culture of safety and respect. Critical examination and discussion about sexual and gender-based violence, consent, power dynamics, culture and other important topics are essential in building a healthy environment to study, work and live. 


We offer several experiential workshops which are easily customizable to suit the needs of your group, department, faculty, or class.  

Creating a Safe Environment for Everyone 

This workshop explores the basics of sexual violence. A definition and examples of sexual violence is offered along with discussion about power dynamics and cultural aspects as root causes. Participants will explore concepts of consent, bystander intervention, and supporting survivors providing participants with relevant information and tools for action. Throughout the workshop, participants will engage in discussion about these concepts along with compelling scenarios to aid in understanding the nuances of sexual violence and consent.

This workshop can be modified to focus on any of these subjects in more detail if required and can be delivered in approximately 2-3 hours.

Bystander Intervention

This workshop focuses specifically on the importance of intervening when we hear and/or see violence in order to build a safe and supportive community. Participants will discuss the many barriers faced when intervening and strategies to overcome these barriers. Using scenarios and thought-provoking discussion questions, groups can expect to engage in robust dialogue.

This workshop is best when combined with additional topics but can be delivered stand-alone and is approximately 60–90 minutes.

Reporting, Disclosures and Supporting Survivors

This workshop explores various power dynamics and cultural elements that impact a survivor’s experience of sexual violence. This understanding informs the discussion about how to, and how not to, support someone who discloses sexual violence. Participants will discuss the difference between a disclosure and the formal reporting process at Concordia. The aim is to provide the community members with more information about what a reporting process could look like, understanding that each case is unique and dependent on the needs of the survivor.  

This is a great workshop to tailor to any specific context, depending on the sector of the university your group serves, and can be delivered in approximately two hours.   

Faculty Allies

As the name suggests, this workshop is designed for Faculty. Faculty have a unique and complex relationship with the student body, especially when it comes to sexual violence awareness, prevention, and support. Commonly, Students will disclose cases of sexual violence to their instructor, have strong reactions to content related to sexuality or sexual violence presented in class, may try to explore romantic or sexual relationships with their instructor a professor, or bring up harmful myths and attitudes about sexual violence during class discussion. These topics are covered in this workshop along with tools and resources to navigate these complex circumstances. 

This workshop can be delivered in approximately 2 hours to allow for robust discussion. 


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let's discuss how to build the perfect workshop for you and your group, class or team. 



Community events

Join us in our mission to create a campus environment where all individuals can thrive free from the fear of sexual assault. Together, we can make a difference and build a culture of respect, understanding, and support.  

Check out our upcoming events below and mark your calendars to be a part of this important movement. 

Explanation of Care and Consent week series – followed by event listings 

Explanation of What is love? Art-creation project – followed by event listings 

Mandatory Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Training

Sexual Assault Resource Centre

We are open to all Concordia students, staff, and faculty.

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Are you in immediate danger?

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Call Campus Safety and Prevention Services:
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Off campus
Call 911 or contact the police
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