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Test de classement (gratuit/free)

Please be informed that all language certification results (DELF/DALF, TCFQ, etc.) will be verified as to their authenticity. All fraudulent documents will be signaled to the proper authorities.

Veuillez noter que l'authenticité des diplômes et des certificats de langue (DELF/DALF, TCFQ, etc.) sera contrôlée et toute fraude signalée.

The following French language course requires a 45-minute Placement Test (in S-LB-618, see below for schedule) prior to registration:


Students wishing to register for FRAN 211 must take a 45-minute Placement Test. Registration into FRAN 211 will be blocked until this condition is met. Students may take the Placement Test on a drop-in basis during regular computer lab hours (see below) (valid I.D. required) in Room LB-618, 1400 de Maisonneuve Blvd. You will need to show your Concordia ID card or, if you are a new student, your letter of admission and a photo ID.

The permission to register will usually be available within 48-hours of taking the test. 

Students who want to take other French courses (FRAN 212 and above) have to take the placement test during regular computer lab hours (see below)

Lundi/Monday Fermé/Closed
Mardi/Tuesday De 10 h à 17 h
Mercredi/Wednesday Fermé/Closed
Jeudi/Thursday De 10 h à 17 h
Vendredi/Friday Fermé/Closed
De 10 h à 17 h
De 10 h à 17 h
De 10 h à 17 h
De 10 h à 17 h
De 10 h à 17 h
De 10 h à 17 h
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