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Independent students

As an Independent Undergraduate Student, you do not seek a Degree or Certificate. You register in individual courses on a part-time basis (maximum of 9 credits per term).

Depending on your goals, you may use Independent Status to explore different fields of study, to raise your Grade Point Average (GPA) or to complete prerequisites courses for admission to a bachelor’s degree. 

Independent graduate students may enrol in a particular graduate course, without being admitted to the graduate program that offers the courses. Follow these steps to apply for an independent course(s):

1. Contact the Graduate Program Assistant to determine if that program accepts independent students.

2. Review course descriptions in the Graduate Calendar and choose the course(s) that interest you.

3. Complete the graduate Authorization to Register as a Non-Degree Student form.

4. Submit the completed form to the Graduate Program Assistant of the graduate program that offers the course. You must also submit a copy of your most recent transcript (student copies are acceptable) and appropriate proof of residency.

5. Read the complete information on  Independent Graduate Students  in the Graduate Calendar.

Upon receipt of all the required documents, the Graduate Program Director will evaluate the applicant’s academic credentials to determine if the applicant is qualified to take the graduate course(s).

Independent graduate students register for courses after degree students enrol and are not guaranteed a place in a course.

Limit on course registration

Independent graduate students take no more than the equivalent of two graduate courses per term and up to a maximum of 12 credits from a specific program. Independent students are classified as graduate part-time students.

After you are accepted

Permanent Code

As per the Ministry of Education, all students are required to have a permanent code in order to study in Québec. Students who do not have a permanent code will be charged an additional fee for their courses. To avoid the additional charge, applicants must make the necessary arrangements to obtain a permanent code.

Learn more about the Quebec Permanent Code.

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