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Below, find a list of courses Dr. Majewski teaches regularly. Please refer to the Online Class Schedule to find out when these courses are offered.

Chem 498/630: Solar Energy Conversion is a one-term course open to all degree programs. This course requires CHEM 234 (Physical Chemistry I: Thermodynamics) and CHEM 241 (Inorganic Chemistry I: Introduction to Periodicity and Valence Theory). This course will explore how inorganic chemistry enables solar energy conversion (as a source of alternative energy) through photochemistry/photobiology and photovoltaics (solar cells).

Chem 242: Inorganic Chemistry II: The Chemistry of the Main Group Elements is a one-term course in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. This course requires CHEM 241 (Inorganic Chemistry I: Introduction to Periodicity and Valence Theory) and is a survey of the properties and reactions of: hydrogen; Group 1, lithium to cesium; and Group 2, beryllium to radium; including the theory of ionic bonding and structure. The chemistry of Group 13, boron to thallium; Group 14, carbon to lead; Group 15, nitrogen to bismuth; Group 16, sulphur to polonium; Group 17, the halogens; and Group 18, the chemistry of the noble gases.

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