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The AHSC Community

The AHSC Community is made up of faculty and staff, students, alumni, professional associations, and the organizations and individuals in the community that they serve.

Faculty and Staff

Our full-time and part-time faculty and administrative staff enrich the department with their knowledge and experience and dedication to the department.

Student Association

All students in the department are automatically members of the Applied Human Sciences Student Association. The student association:

  • encourages the utilization of available resources pertinent to the fields of human relations, leisure sciences and therapeutic recreation
  • introduces a range of career opportunities
  • increases contacts within the different fields, including keeping in contact with graduates
  • promotes group and individual relationships through various activities
  • keeps members up to date with research and studies
  • develops student awareness of the Department of Applied Human Sciences on campus.


The Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies (CHRCS) is a community of learners, associated with the Department of Applied Human Sciences, dedicated to improving the quality of the life in human systems.

The Centre provides the faculty and students of the department a necessary vehicle to carry on the working relationship with the community by providing learning experiences, training, consulting, research and publishing services to groups, organizations and individuals. 

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