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Advisory committee

With the recent ratification of Concordia’s first Public Art Policy, the university is inviting diverse candidates to fill several seats on the Public Art Advisory Committee and Curatorial Sub-Committee.

Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

The Advisory Committee is comprised of at least nine members, including the Committee Chair and the Public Art Lead and several internal members. The committee members provide expert advice and contribute to the development and implementation of the Policy and Public Art Strategy prepared by the Public Art Lead.  

Membership rotates every two to three years to help ensure equitable representation, new perspectives, transparency, and continued expertise.


  • Support the university’s public art collection mandate and vision.  
  • Review and provide recommendations on the strategic direction of the public art collection and programs. 
  • Represent and promote the public art collection and programming activities in the respective communities to which the members belong.   
  • Ensure governance, programming and acquisitions are consistent with the policy, strategy, vision and mission, and are in line with audiences.  
  • Contribute to and follow selection criteria for public artwork acquisitions and commissions.  
  • Recommend proposed acquisitions and deaccessions. 
  • Appoint the members of the Curatorial Sub-Committee.  
  • Review and adopt the annual report prepared by the Public Art Lead. 


We are looking for candidates, internal or external to Concordia, who will contribute and engage with a plurality of perspectives and knowledges:  

  • A contemporary art specialist with expertise in public art    

  • An Indigenous visual artist with or without expertise in public art 

  • An artist from underrepresented and underrecognized communities with or without expertise in public art 

  • A visual artist represented in the Concordia public art collection


The Advisory Committee members will be required to attend two to three meeting per year, participate in relationship building, consult and collaborate with organizations and groups on campus and in the wider community, and may also participate on the Curatorial Sub-committee.   

Time commitment

The time commitment per year for meetings and reading will range between 10-20 hours per year.


Advisory committee members who are not Concordia employees will receive an honorarium of $50 per hour.


Members will be chosen based on their capacity to contribute a diversity of expertise in several areas. 

Ideal candidates are artists who are open to a wide range of subject matter, perspectives, styles, and genres of artmaking and who possess a varied range of skills and knowledge represented in the following list:  

  • Ability to objectively evaluate different artistic sensibilities, perspectives, and types of artmaking approaches, while following evaluation criteria and assessment requirements. 
  • Experience, expertise, and capacity to assess art proposals of all types.  
  • Knowledge of Canadian and international arts and culture. 
  • Knowledge of and appreciation in engaging with a diversity of communities. 
  • Ability to meet deadlines. 
  • Experience working in teams and collaborative and consensus-based processes.  
  • Have working knowledge in French and English.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft platforms, including Excel, Word, and Teams workspace.


  • Access to a computer and a stable internet connection. 
  • Comply with applicable university policies including those regarding conflict of interest.  
  • Sign a Confidentiality agreement with Concordia.  
  • Participate in onboarding. 
  • Take part in ongoing training. 

How to apply

Please fill out the Advisory Committee application form by May 24th, 2024.

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