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Finding articles from the Harvard Business Review

You can download most articles published in Harvard Business Review for research purposes only from EBSCO's Business source complete, an article database accessible with your NetName from anywhere, if you follow some simple steps. 

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Digital access to the Harvard Business Review (HBR) is provided for research purposes only. Should you require access to articles from Harvard Business Review for classroom use or any other reason, you must consider alternate access methods such as purchasing them directly from or by locating the print copy via the Sofia Discovery tool in Concordia University Library.

With regards to accessing articles from HBR for research purposes only, please follow the instructions below.

The image below is a screen-capture of the Business Source Complete database from EBSCO. I provides for an example for locating specific articles published within the Harvard Business Review. Underneath this image, you will find step-by-step instructions detailing how to download these articles and troubleshoot eventual problems. 

The links on the image below are not enabled, it is provided for illustration purposes only:

Here are the steps involved in accessing Harvard Business Review for research purposes from Business source complete:

  1. Type "harvard business review" in the first search box and make sure you select "SO Publication Name" from the first drop-down menu;
  2. Type another parameter to limit the search, usually the last name of the first author will do, and select "AU Author" from the second drop-down menu;
  3. From the results set, locate the desired article and download the PDF version.
If the article you need is not there, make sure your spelling is correct. 
If it is still not there, please note that the publisher of the Harvard Business Review removes the 100 most popular articles from  Business source complete and charge a prohibitive licensing fee to access them. This may be the case for your article.
In this case, you should obtain a copy for research purposes via the "Article Delivery" service. You will have to log-on using your NetName. Please note that the call number for Harvard Business Review is "HF 5001 H3" and a copy will be sent to you electronically usually within 2 business days. 
HF 5001 H3

More information about using Business Source Complete (general video)

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