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FINA 410: Investment Analysis course guide



Corporate Filings
Profiles, Ratios & Financials: Databases
Investment Analyst Research Reports
Stock Prices: Datasets
  • CFMRC TSX data from 1950 onwards
  • CRSP US publicly-traded companies from 1925 onwards
  • Factiva Select Companies/Markets. Latest 5 years of stock data
  • Stock Guide Data on publicly-traded companies (active and inactive)
Mergers & Acquisitions
Industry Trends and Profiles
Industry Ratios
Industry & Company Articles
Current Newspapers
Canada & International
Investment Outlook
  • Fund Library Canadian mutual funds, plus Canadian ETFs analysis and ratings. Has performance data from last ten years.
  • SEDAR To find Canadian fund description and historical performance data, type in name of the fund and limit document type to "Annual Report". Documents go back to 1997.
  • S&P NetAdvantage US and international mutual funds and ETFs
  • ICI Mutual Fund Factbook Annual US mutual fund statistics and trends
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