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Citing business databases in APA format

This guide focuses on citing business sources using the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, (APA) 6th ed., and gives citation examples for the most commonly used business sources.

If you cannot find the source you are looking for, please refer to the APA Publication Manual available at the Reference Desk. For a general overview of APA citation style, consult Concordia's APA Citation Guide.

How to cite...

General Guidelines for Citing Business Sources in Your Bibliography Using APA 6th ed:
When citing from a library database, include the database name only. Only use a URL when citing directly from a website or a wiki. It is good practice to include the retrieval date when no exact date is found or when the content changes frequently (wiki, directory, etc.).

Specific examples with in-text citations and bibliographic references:

Citing Sources in Your Reference List

Datamonitor. (2011, July 12). Advance Auto Parts, Inc.: Company profile. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.


Meta Vision Systems Inc. (2011, March 18). Meta Vision Systems Inc.: Company information. Retrieved from Canadian Company Capabilities database.


Statistics Canada. (2011, July 5). CANSIM table 080-0009, survey of large retailers, monthly (dollars) [Table]. Retrieved from CANSIM database.


S&P Capital IQ. (2012). Apple Inc.: Public company profile. Retrieved January 27, 2012, from S&P Capital IQ database.


Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada. (2015, September). Public sector accounting standards: Concepts and principles. Section: PS 1000 - PS 1300. In Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada Handbook. Retrieved from the CPA Canada Standards and Guidance Collection.


Economist Intelligence Unit. (2011, April). Country report: India. Retrieved from Economist Intelligence Unit database.


Microsoft Corp. (2011, July 28). Form 10-K. Retrieved from EDGAR database.


Risk Management Association. (2011). 111920-cotton farming. Retrieved January 20, 2012, from RMA eStatement Studies database.


The feeling is mutual; John Lewis as a model. (2012, January 21). The Economist 402, 28. Retrieved from Factiva database.


Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (2015). Financial Performance Data, 2013 reference year: Canada, All Businesses, Report for: NAICS 312120 - Breweries. Retrieved from


Infomart. (2012, January 3). FP industry reports: Insurance. Retrieved from FP Advisor database.

Infomart. (n.d.). FP corporate analyzer: Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited. Retrieved January 13, 2012, from FP Advisor database.


Cella, J. (2012, January 1). IBM Canada Ltd. Retrieved from Hoover’s Company Profiles database.


Panteva, N. (2011, December). IBISWorld industry report 44812: Women’s clothing stores in the US. Retrieved from IBISWorld database.


Braid, K. (2011, October 5). Public views of health care in BC. Retrieved from Ipsos News Center database.


Dun and Bradstreet. (n.d.). Industry reports, SIC 08. Retrieved from Key Business Ratios database.


Dun and Bradstreet. (n.d.). Loblaws Inc. Retrieved January 13, 2014, from Mergent Intellect database.


Mergent. (2011, February 2). Johnson & Johnson: Company financials. Retrieved from Mergent Online database.


Euromonitor International. (2011, March 10). Coffee in Canada: Category briefing. Retrieved from Passport GMID database.


Print Measurement Bureau. (2011). Personally drunk in past 6 months. PMB 2011 Category Reports: Alcohol Wine. Retrieved from PMB database.


Vukovic, V. (2011). Political economy of the US financial crisis 2007-2009. Financial Theory and Practice, 35(1), 91-128. Retrieved from ABI/INFORM Global database.


Air Canada. (2011, March 31). Air Canada: Annual report 2010. Retrieved from SEDAR database.


Standard & Poor's. (2012, January 10). Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. Standard & Poor's Stock Report. Retrieved from S&P NetAdvantage database.

Standard & Poor's. (2011, August 4). Communications equipment. Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys. Retrieved from S&P NetAdvantage database.


Statista. (2015, October). Weekly social media site access in selected countries as of October 2015. Retrieved from Statista database.


Data Sets

Statistics Canada. (2011, January 17). Film, television and video post-production [Data file]. Retrieved from

Online Documents

Statistics Canada. (2010). Consumer goods rental. Catalogue no. 63-239-x. Retrieved February 10, 2012, from


Sustainalytics. (2012). Adobe Systems Inc.: Company report. Retrieved January 19, 2012, from Sustainalytics database.


Doerksen, C. & Umayr, A. (2012, January 16). Westjet Airlines Ltd. National Bank Financial. Retrieved from Thomson One database.

Thomson Financial. (2012). Apple Inc.: Company overview. Retrieved January 26, 2012, from Thomson One database.


Ratty, M. (2012, January 12). Pfizer Inc. Retrieved from Value Line database.

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