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Trade News and Scholarly Articles

Business article databases complement Sofia, the general Library Discovery Tool, by offering additional features, options for searching or filtering, as well as expanded content. Below, you will find the main business article databases grouped by content type: 

Comprehensive Business Article Databases

These databases aggregate articles from primary sources, such as press releases, as well as secondary sources, such as newspapers, trade publications and scholarly journals. You may sometimes encounter industry or market reports. Each of these sources will provide evidence that will vary in nature, scope and quality based on the intended audience.

Name ProQuest Business Databases
Description                            Offers a variety or academic, trade, magazine and news articles. In addition, this database offers many Canadian sources.
Name Business Source Complete from EBSCO
Description Offers a variety or academic, trade, magazine and news articles. This database provides partial access to the Harvard Business Review. If an HBR article or case is assigned in one of your courses, you must acquire it via

Newspaper Databases

Newspaper databases provide access to news articles. These cover events as they unfold and tend to be numerous, factual and short. These are useful for current events or searching for news about a company, an executive or a brand.

Description Provides access to the full-text of international newspapers,  including 500 newswires, broadcast transcripts, magazines, photos, and business information sources for a total of approximately 9000 sources. The Companies/Markets search provides a snapshot of a company, including financial data, industry comparison, stock quotes, charting, and recent news. Financial data is usually limited to 2 to 3 years of financial statistics, and stock prices go back 5 years. 
Name Euré
Description Provides access to French and English language newspapers, magazines, blogs and news transcripts.

Scholarly Article Databases

Scholarly articles provide the results of research projects and are usually reviewed by peers before they are published in academic journals. Although you can also discover scholarly articles in Sofia (on the library main page) or in Comprehensive business articles databases (listed above), these systems provide access to a focussed corpus of scientific evidence. Please note that library databases provide for more robust searching and filtering options than Google Scholar. In addition, it is recommended to read entries in business encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries prior to searching for academic articles to better understand a topic. Similarly, you can locate ebooks and ebook chapters from Sofia.

Name Web of Science
Description A multidisciplinary database, with searchable author abstracts, covering the sciences, the social sciences and the arts. This database also allows the identification of the number of times a particular work or author is cited in the literature, as well as other bibliometric tools.
Name PsycINFO
Description Produced by the American Psychological Association (APA), this database provides access to full-text English-language articles, from journals published by the APA, the APA Educational Publishing Foundation, the Canadian Psychological Association, and Hogrefe Publishing Group. Useful for topics in organizational behaviour or human resources management.
Name Emerald Management 120
Description Provides access to a collection of journals covering a variety of disciplines including management, marketing, accounting, library science, education and information technology.

Theses, eBooks & eBook Chapters

In addition to articles, we provide tools to locate theses:

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