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Undergraduate courses

Our undergraduate courses prepare students to think and communicate as leaders in their professional practice

ENCS 272 Composition and Argumentation for Engineers

(3 credits)
This course develops skills in composition, argumentation and persuasive professional writing, especially for those students whose first language is not English. Note: Students who pass ENCS 272 with a C- or higher will fulfill the Faculty Writing Skills requirement, and will be eligible to enroll in ENCS 282.

ENCS 282 Technical Writing and Communication

(3 credits) 
This course introduces essential types of professional engineering communication—technical reports, abstracts, proposals, and scientific papers. It covers research and referencing methods for engineers and computer scientists. Students complete an oral presentation and a major report. The course is open to students who have passed the Engineering Writing Test (EWT) or completed ENCS 272 with a satisfactory grade.

ENGR 201 Professional Practice and Responsibility

(1.5 credits) 
This course familiarizes students with the Professional Code and the Engineers Act, and Quebec and Canadian legislation for engineering projects. It covers health and safety issues such as safe work practices, general laboratory safety. It also provides a thorough discussion of professional engineering ethics.

ENGR 392 Impact of Technology on Society

(3 credits)
This course explores the social history of technology, and sensitizes students to the social and environmental problems cause by unexpected effects of technology. Students examine the diffusion of innovation and public perception of engineering and engineering solutions.

ENCS 393 Social and Ethical Dimensions of Information and Communication Technologies

(3 credits)
This course examines crucial questions in our information society: ethics, surveillance and privacy, economic globalization, intellectual property, the digital divide, computer-based profiling and hacking, electronic democracy, information productivity and the work/life balance.

ENGR 411 Technical Report

(1 credit)
This is a one-credit project course set up to meet the special needs of certain students lacking one credit or less for graduation. Registration into this course requires the written permission from Students Academic Services (SAS) of the Faculty. 

ENGR 412 Honours Research Project

(3 credits)
Students work on a research project in their area of concentration, selected in consultation with and conducted under the supervision of a faculty member of the Department. The student’s work must culminate in a final report, as well as an oral presentation. 

ENCS 483 Innovation and Critical Thinking in Science and Technology

(3 credits)
This course examines thinking, arguing, and creativity in science and technology. It explores complex problems using theories from communication, business and psychology. Case studies of successful and failed innovations are presented. We examine the roles of experts and researchers in the diffusion of ideas, and the impact of diffusion on economics, media and society.

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