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This page includes tools for finding opportunities related to the dissemination of your practice, financial support, listings for events and activities, employment opportunities, and general call-out for projects.

Find Opportunities

Discover calls for opportunities, exhibitions, projects, publications and more— including, but not limited to, residency opportunities, grants & funding, rental spaces, prizes, and various professional development services.

Find presenters, service providers and tools according to your discipline

Understanding Montreal’s Cultural ecosystem; list of providers, presenters, research centres, workshop & production centres; templates to make your own list of providers; as well as discovering media coverages. The list includes podcasts, videos, books, magazines and various news sources.

Understanding Montreal’s cultural ecosystem

  • RAAV’s exhibition guide
    This practical guide for holding exhibitions provided by Accès culture Montreal is available for download as a PDF file. This resource is only available in French.
  • Artère’s diffusion resource
    Artère’s ‘Diffusion’ section covers different modes of distributing works, through a list of broadcasts and networks.

The Machinery:  Introduction to Arts Organization Resource Guide 
The tool Introduction to Arts Organizations Resource Guide will help you identify starting points and pathways as you begin to navigate Montreal’s artistic ecosystem.

  • To access any resources provided by The Machinery, contact them directly and specify the specific resources you would like access to. 

  • To learn more, view the Machinery’s technical guide and consult their full list of the tools
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View a list of general artist associations that apply to all disciplines

  • Artère’s list of artist run centres and associations
    This resource is a list of artists’ associations and groups, divided by services offered, cultural entrepreneurship and by discipline. This resource is only available in French.
  • Make your own list of providers

    The Machinery: List of Production Suppliers

    The List of Production Suppliers tool allows you to establish a list of suppliers by category of services provided that your company could use (e.g. fireproofing company, smoke machine rental, metal, etc.).

    • To access any resources provided by The Machinery, contact them directly and specify the specific resources you would like access to. 

    • To learn more, view the Machinery’s technical guide and consult their full list of the tools
    View a demonstration of this tool

    External toolboxes

    The contents you will find in this category include a non-exhaustive list of the external toolboxes for further references to tools and resources.

    • Artère
      Artère provides numerous resources, along with a toolbox, for creative practitioners divided by discipline.
    • CARFAC
      Canadian Artists' Representation/Le Front des artistes canadiens is incorporated federally as a non-profit corporation that is the national voice of Canada's professional visual artists.
    • CEAD
      This online resource centre is provided by OCAD University's Centre for Emerging Artists & Designers.  
    • COCo
      The Centre for Community Organizations is a charitable organization whose mission is to support the health and well-being of community organizations in Québec. The Toolbox provides a collection of practical tools for community groups and nonprofits. 
    • Creative Users
      Creative Users Projects provides resources specific to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, to reach new audiences and remove barriers within the arts through promoting accessibility. 
    • ELAN
      The English-Language Arts Network is a support-system, resource provider and community network for Quebec’s English-speaking creative practitioners. Through their ‘Resources’, more information can be found on community organizations, associations, workshops, and tutorials.
    • La Machinerie
      The Machinery is an organization that shares resources, practical tools and expertise using a diversified approach for creative practitioners. The Machinery’s Toolbox contains more than 200 practical and strategic tools designed to improve management of artistic projects and cultural organizations by providing professional frameworks, templates, guides, outlines and methods for planning, organization and simplified management in the area of culture.
    • Quatre95
      Quatre95 is part of the URBANIA family and provides information on life skills, including but not limited to, finances and general entrepreneurship.
    • Réseau art actuel
      Réseau Art Actuel is a network for exhibition and institution spaces, dedicated to the promotion of current and contemporary art, and to the activities and practices of the network of artist-run centers.
    • TEMPO Resource Library
      The TEMPO Resource Library includes tools, strategies, and resources for teaching, performing and making online. The collection also contains examples of creative approaches to using online platforms, reimagining them as artistic mediums. 

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