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This category contains resources and tools to help you manage your finances, generate revenue and find financial support for your creative practice.

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Managing your finances

This section includes resources and guides for organizing your finances, creating a budget and doing your taxes. You will also find external resources for finding employment opportunities, as well as information related to insurance and your legal rights as a creative practitioner.

A person sorting through tax forms with a calculator on hand

Taxes for creative practitioners

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the copywrite symbol (the letter C with a circle around it) spray painted on a post on the street

Legal information

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A Grecian statue that's been shattered


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A flat lay of some post-it notes, a pencil, a calculator and some coins

Budgeting and financial planning

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Funding your practice

This section includes resources and guides related to grant writing, financial aid applications, as well as selling your work and fundraising.

a person working on their laptop with a cup of tea and a notebook at their side

Grants and funding

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a blank price tag

Selling your services or creative productions

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a jar of coins that has been knocked over


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