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artwork: woven textile depicting a chair and table Artwork credit: Paulina Bereza, A Sitting, 2019

Frequently asked questions

If you are selected to be an artist of the Art Volt Collection (AVC), you agree to consign a minimum of three artworks exclusively to the AVC for the duration agreed at the time of the contract (standard consignment duration of 3 years). During this period, your artworks will be featured on the AVC dedicated website, available for rental or sale to clients of the AVC. If, after the period of consignment, your artworks are not sold, they will be removed from the AVC.

As long as you are registered for graduation or have graduated from Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts within the last five (5) years, you are eligible to apply.

No. In order to be eligible, artists have to submit a minimum of three (3) artworks per application, and up to twenty (20).

No. They may have been created outside of this context, or after graduation.

For the moment, the AVC only accepts artworks either in 2D or 3D formats, with minimal technical equipment required: painting, drawing, print, ceramics, sculpture, photography, installation, fibres & material practices, video, design objects, etc. 

A jury of artists, professors and professionals is in charge of the annual selection.

Artworks are consigned for a standard consignment duration of three (3) years: the duration is agreed upon in a contract signed by each artist.

Yes! You may apply every year, as long as you have graduated within the past five (5) years. If you are already in the Collection and currently enrolled at Concordia, you are not eligible to submit additional artworks until you apply for graduation again.

Until an artwork is rented or sold, the artist is responsible for its storage. Once an artwork is rented or sold, the AVC communicates with the artist to agree on a delivery and installation date and procedure.

Only ready-to-display artworks may be offered for rental, but unframed artworks can be offered for sale.

70% of the sale or rental amount of the artwork is paid to the artist in the form of an artist fee; the remaining 30% is retained by the AVC to support the administration and management of the service.    

Each year the new AVC artist cohort is invited to attend a training session in which a workshop on pricing your artworks is offered. Pricing is set by individual artists and validated by the AVC.

Rental prices are set according to five (5) categories of established sale price: A, B, C, D and E. Works may be rented for a six-month period (renewable) or a one-year period (renewable). See table of rental prices below.

Categories based on sale value of work

A. 0-$250
B. $251-$500
C. $501-$1000
D. $1001-$2000
E. $2001 +  

Rental price by categories

Rental period A B C D E
12 months $100 $200 $400 $600 TBD
6 months $62.50 $125 $250 $375 TBD

All AVC clients who rent artworks must comply with minimum conservation standards. They must also provide proof of insurance in case of loss or damage. All transportation and installation of rented artworks is performed by a professional who is covered by insurance.    


Packaging your artworks workshop with Andras Csaszar at the bootcamp. Photo : Ash KG

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This initiative is made possible by the generous support of the Peter N. Thomson Family Innovation Fund.

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