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Supporting recent alumni of Concordia's Faculty of Fine Arts

artists sitting with their computers in a workshop

Artists of the Art Volt Collection 2022 at the bootcamp. Photo : Ash KG

About Art Volt

Are you planning to graduate from Concordia’s Faculty of Fine Arts this year? Have you graduated within the last three to five years? Learn more about our programs and resources and discover a wide range of opportunities available to you!

How we support emerging artists
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Art Volt Collection

What is the Art Volt Collection?
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Find a mentor, be a mentor
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Professional Training

What's offered next?
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Become an artist-in-residence
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The Art Volt Toolbox

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What's new at Art Volt

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Call for Submissions

We are now accepting submissions for the 2024-2025 edition of the Art Volt Mentorship program! Apply now to become a mentee and work with one of our many wonderful mentors!

Deadline: Monday, May 6, 2024 at 5PM EST

People in a workshop at La Centrale

Legal Essentials for Artists, talk by Aicha Tohry L.L.B. for the 2023 members’ festival, Things We Share, at La Centrale galerie Powerhouse.

Call for Submissions

Art Volt and La Centrale galerie Powerhouse have formed a partnership to support a recent alum of Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts through a paid internship opportunity. The intern’s mandate will be to support La Centrale with cultural mediation activities related to their 50th anniversary programming.

Deadline: Monday, April 15, 2024 at 5PM EST
Info Session: Tuesday, March 26, 2024 at 12PM EST
*This is a paid opportunity*

Photo of an artwork by Clara Cousineau

"Une idée, des mots," (2022) by Clara Cousineau

Art Volt Collection at Plural

We are proud to announce that the Art Volt Collection will be at Plural this year, as part of the new Pavilion Spaces section! This new initiative presents project spaces as well as atypical or emerging galleries.

We will present works by Clara Cousineau and Francis Macchiagodena, but will also be there to represent all the other artists and practices that are part of the Art Volt Collection.

Learn more
Portrait of Marcela

Esse x Art Volt Writing Residency

We are happy to share the result of the second participant in the Esse x Art Volt Writing Residency: “Pedagogical Entanglements”, an essay by Marcela Borquez.

“During my residency, I was drawn to authors who initiated conversations regarding how our ways of doing and thinking permeate beyond singular artworks toward the ways we conceive ourselves as artistic communities, shaping our practices, narratives, and institutions. The texts I discuss evidence a drive to generate opportunities for dialogue and encounter that necessarily asks us to consider whom we address through our work. This, in turn, entails a recognition of the other and their voice, a redistribution of power through the possibility of enunciation.”

Read the full articleLearn more about Marcela
portrait of Catherine Slilaty

Bouclair Residency in Digital Arts

The 2nd edition of the Bouclair Residency in Digital Arts is here, and we are excited to launch the second of three exhibitions at Bouclair!

The second resident to exhibit is Alice Gaboury-Moreau (BFA, 2021). Her work COMING OVER will be presented at Bouclair's Griffintown location from March 18th to April 28th 2024.

Learn More about Alice
A figure sitting on the floor of a dark space with a piece of transparent paper over their head.

Photo credit: Sigrid Patterson

Partnership with Tangente

We are happy to renew our collaboration with Tangente to support recent Fine Arts alumni who are part of their upcoming Winter programming! The fourth artist to benefit from this production support partnership is Laura Jeffery.

Laura will presenting her piece titled "I am the fly in the Plasma Pool " as part of the Tangente’s LABdiff, from May 4th to 6th.

Learn more about LauraBuy Tickets

Recognising the generous support

This initiative is made possible by the generous support of the Peter N. Thomson Family Innovation Fund.


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