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This category contains tools and resources to help increase visibility for yourself and your creative practice, to help you manage your time and your projects, and to help you make connections within the Montreal cultural milieu.

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Making connections & promoting your practice

This section includes tips for talking and writing about your creative practice, as well as how to utilize digital platforms for marketing. You will also find resources to foster and connect with communities and a list of organizations and presenters across Montreal's cultural network.

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Digital marketing

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 A party of people chatting at a design session at Concordia's Shift Centre, a place where diverse people, communities and organizations will work together to address major societal challenges and create a more just, inclusive and broadly prosperous Montreal.

Writing and talking about your practice

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Preparing an application

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Managing your practice

This section includes tools to help your productivity, time and project management, as well as resources for structuring and operating small organizations.

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Productivity and time management

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an image of an empty board room at Concordia's Webster Library

Organizational management

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Planning your project

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