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Engage talent by launching a student project

What is Riipen?

Concordia University has partnered with Riipen, the world’s leading virtual project-based learning platform that connects students with industry and community partners to complete real-world projects for academic credit. 

Riipen can be used to connect your organization to Concordia classes through real-world projects. Students complete the assignments through an online platform, and faculty track student progress in real time.

Download the Riipen overview

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Why choose Riipen

Generate new ideas - make new ideas come to life with students! Your business can grow with the fresh perspective, strategic thinking, and innovative lens that students bring to the table.

Recruit talent - Get to know our students before hiring them. Come see what our students are capable of as they work on short-term projects under faculty supervision. Recruit top talent for your organization.

Riipen for companies

Gain free access to Concordia’s Riipen portal. Sign up and create a company profile, then follow these instructions to post your project idea. You can connect with Concordia educators by submitting your project directly to open courses, or responding to their project requests.

You will find detailed instructions and best practices for companies in the Riipen Academy.

The Riipen team is available to provide 1-1 support. You can book  consultation in english or french to discuss your course, or email with questions.

If you are interested in engaging students in a project for your organization, we encourage you to post your project as soon as possible to ensure educators have time to embed the project in an upcoming course before the start of term.

If you are currently recruiting from Concordia, and are looking for ways to vet talent, consider posting an open challenge that students across the university can enter to showcase their skills. Contact Riipen directly to learn more.

Riipen launched the first version of its bilingual platform in January 2019, with supporting resources available in both languages over time.

Projects can be posted at anytime, with most courses starting in May, September, and January.

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