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Research themes

Discover how our research has extensive applications in many industries

Research Theme 1 – Environmental protection

The purpose of coating studies within this theme is to provide enhanced surface protection of engineered components exposed to harsh in-service conditions. Examples include industrial systems exposed to hot gasses (industrial and aero gas turbines), corrosion in hydropower systems, and aggressive environments found in forestry and mining.

Research theme 2 – Functional coatings

Next-generation coatings must possess multiple characteristics combining traditional protective benefits with new functionalities to produce multi-purpose and multifunctional coating systems. Such coatings limit the adverse effects of surface degradation (e.g., corrosion, wear, and high temperatures), and function as monitoring devices and active surfaces in self-cleaning, structural health monitoring, and heating and electrochemical devices.

Research theme 3 – Process and coating development

The strategic focus will be on developments of the most advanced strategies to tailor the coating performance, while relying on control of the micro/nanostructure. Relevant processes are Suspension Plasma Spraying (SPS), Vacuum Cold Spray otherwise known as Aerosol Deposition and Liquid Accelerated Cold Spray.

Research theme 4 – Performance and characterization assessment

This theme will focus on the development and enhancement of measurement techniques and characterization approaches such that we have the best confidence in our assessment of coating properties, especially when performance is pushed to the limits.

Research theme 5 – Life-cycle assessment

Life-cycle assessment (LCA) is the method of choice to estimate the different potential environmental impacts and benefits associated with a specific product or service. This standardized method can also guide the eco-design of more sustainable novel products and technologies at early development stages, such as those that will stem from the research activities of the centre.

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