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Library sources in organic chemistry

This guide lists a selection of the more important sources of information on Organic Chemistry available at Concordia Library. It includes material held in the Webster Library (WEB) on the Sir George Williams Downtown Campus, the Vanier Library (VAN) on the Loyola Campus and/or available online. Most materials are located in the Reference area (REF). This is not a complete list. Additional resources may be found by searching the SOFIA discovery tool.

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Guides to the Literature

Guides to Writing Papers in Chemistry




Treatises are multi-volume publications that cover, in detail, a particular field of chemistry.

Handbooks - Major Sources of Chemical Data

Handbooks - Specialized Topics

Handbooks - Nomenclature

Catalogues of Chemicals



These are the major databases that index the literature of Organic Chemistry. For the full list and further content descriptions visit the Concordia Library Database Finder:

SciFinder Scholar

  • Chemical Abstracts from 1907
  • Includes information on substances and reactions
  • Accessible at Vanier and Webster Libraries workstations or from computers within the Concordia IP range

Organic Syntheses

  • Annual publication (since 1921) providing detailed directions for the synthesis of organic compounds
  • Fully searchable by keyword (chemical name, molecular formula, CAS RN) and structure
  • Free access on the Internet

Medline (via PubMed)

  • Citations and abstracts of the biomedical literature back to 1953
  • Connect with remote access from Concordia Library Database Finder

Web of Science

  • Includes Science Citation Index from 1989 onwards
  • Connect with remote access from Concordia Library Database Finder
  • Science Citation Index from 1985 to 1988 is available on CD-ROM at Vanier workstation V-140, and from 1965-1992 in print (Z 7401 S365 VAN Index)
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