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Library sources in chemistry & biochemistry

This guide lists a selection of the more important sources of information on Chemistry & Biochemistry available at Concordia Library. It includes material held in the Webster Library (WEB) on the Sir George Williams Downtown Campus, the Vanier Library (VAN) on the Loyola Campus and/or available online. Most materials are located in the Reference area (REF). This is not a complete list. Additional resources may be found by searching the Sofia Discovery tool.

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Guides to the Literature

Guides to Writing Papers in Chemistry

Dictionaries - Translation




Treatises are multi-volume publications that cover, in detail, a particular field of chemistry.

Handbooks - Major Sources of Chemical Data

Handbooks - Specialized Topics

Handbooks - Nomenclature



These are the major databases that index the literature of Chemistry & Biochemistry. For the full list and further content descriptions visit the Concordia Library Database Finder:


  • Chemical Abstracts from 1907
  • Includes information on substances and reactions
  • Accessible at Vanier and Webster Libraries' workstations or from computers within the Concordia IP range

Medline (via PubMed)

  • Citations and abstracts of the biomedical literature back to 1953
  • Connect with remote access from Concordia Library Database Finder

Web of Science

  • Includes Science Citation Index from 1989 onwards
  • Connect with remote access from Concordia Library Database Finder
  • Science Citation Index from 1985 to 1988 is available on CD-ROM at Vanier workstation V-140, and from 1965-1992 in print (Z 7401 S365 VAN Index)


  • Includes abstracts and citations for scientific journal literature, conference proceedings and books
  • Connect with remote access from Concordia Library Database Finder
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