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Cybersecurity and critical infrastructure security are considered national security imperatives of paramount importance. Citizens, corporations, and governmental agencies need to be protected from debilitating, intimidating and disrupting attacks that may lead to severe security and privacy issues, and even to the endangerment or loss of human lives (e.g., child exploitation, cyber terrorism, denial of service, information theft, hate crimes, defamation, bullying, identity theft and fraud).

Cybersecurity affects many strategic sectors of development in Quebec and Canada, including:

  • information and communication technologies
  • e-commerce
  • public safety and security
  • health
  • transportation
  • aerospace
  • energy

Our objectives

The Security Research Centre (SRC) promotes research excellence in the fields of cybersecurity, critical infrastructure security and resilience, privacy and cyber forensics at Concordia University and to foster the existing collaborations amongst Concordia researchers as well as other academic institutions and industry members.


Research & development

  • Establish a world-class centre at the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science in Concordia University with expertise in cybersecurity, critical infrastructure security and resilience, privacy and cyber forensics to facilitate multi-disciplinary research and development across engineering, computer science, social science, business, and other security-related programs
  • Provide an enhanced forum for the members to conduct important and relevant research activities that will improve the security and privacy of individuals, corporations, and governmental organizations
  • Support the existing joint collaborative research initiatives that will have strong and positive impact on the safety and security of Quebecers and Canadians as well as Quebec’s and Canada’s corporate and governmental organizations


Training & education

  • Create an enhanced training environment for highly qualified personnel through joint supervision and the pooling of expertise and infrastructure
  • Promote cybersecurity, critical infrastructure security and resilience, privacy and cyber forensics in Quebec and Canada
  • Share the best practices, technologies, tools, insights and intelligence with law enforcement and governmental agencies
  • Serve as a neutral platform for R&D initiatives between academia, industry and government
  • Contribute to Quebec and Canada's capacity to react to cyber threats
  • Design and implement processes, methodologies, techniques and tools that will have a strong and positive impact on the disciplines of cybersecurity, critical infrastructure security, privacy and cyber forensics



  • Act as a bridge to applications and technology transfer of the research results
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