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We focus on providing solutions that improve safety, productivity and competitiveness in the construction industry.

Embracing Industry 4.0, we’re developing solutions to optimize budget allocation for maintenance, rehabilitation and/or renewal of civil infrastructure assets to meet public demands for targeted resilience and levels of service, respecting budget constraints.

A core component of our mandate is the training of highly qualified personnel (HQP) including graduate and undergraduate research students as well as Postdoctoral fellows. We embrace diversity and inclusion, welcoming new members from academic units across the university.

Organizational chart of the CICIEM

Contact us

If you’re interested in joining the Center, forward your request to the Director, Osama Moselhi, along with your updated CV at and (in CC)

Dr. Osama Moselhi

Dr. Amin Hammad
Associate Director

Dr. Mazdak Nik-Bakht
Communication and Outreach Director

Dr. Sang Hyeok Han
Media Director

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