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Researchers at the Center for Advanced Sealing Technologies (CAST) identify, design and develop new and cutting-edge sealing technologies.

Why do we need new sealing technologies?

The development of efficient and long-lasting mechanical systems depends heavily on the advancement of high-performance sealing systems, which can withstand demanding environmental and contact conditions.

The conditions in which materials are expected to operate in gas turbine engines, are becoming increasingly more challenging:

  • Large temperature ranges
  • High contact pressures
  • Continuous impingement of abrasive particles

Degradation of static and dynamic sealing systems will lead to decreased efficiency of the machinery and can subsequently result in severe damage.

Research themes

CAST is designed to be a long-term collaborative effort, bridging the gap between university research and industrial needs on sealing technologies.

Our three main research teams are:

  • Static Seals
  • Dynamic Seals
  • Advanced Seals

Each project within CAST goes through a phased based approach, which include the project definition, seal design, materials and process optimization, and performance evaluation. Each project is defined and initiated by the universities based on the voice of the customer and the industrial needs. A specific focus is placed on linking experiments to simulations to fully capture the sealing performance.

Contact us

General inquiries

Pantcho P. Stoyanov, PhD
Associate Professor, Chemical and Materials Engineering
(514) 848-2424 ext. 3154

Project manager

Rasha Moustapha, Eng., PMP

(514) 848-2424 ext. 7987

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