In our pursuit of academic excellence, quality and innovation, we will:

  • Develop innovative graduate and undergraduate programs in next generation technologies in consultation with industry while preserving the strength of our existing offerings. 

  • Enhance the quality of existing programs and the effectiveness of their delivery to keep them up-to-date with progress being made in the field and relevant external trends. 

  • Ensure that the first year curriculum provides the necessary foundation for students to be well prepared for their specializations. 

  • Ensure maximum flexibility in our curriculum to allow students to customize programs to achieve their career aspirations. 

  • Celebrate teaching by increasing visibility and coverage of teaching awards at the Gina Cody School. Foster a partnership with Concordia’s Centre for Teaching and Learning to cultivate innovative pedagogy and recognized practices of student-centric teaching in classrooms at the Gina Cody School. 

  • Keep growth in full-time faculty complement commensurate with enrolment progression at all times.

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