Welcome to the Fall Session at CCE

Regardless of the state of the world, higher education will always invest in positive solutions forward.
14 septembre 2021
By Sloane Montgomery

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As we turn over a new leaf and say goodbye to languid summer afternoons, Continuing Education Director and AVP Lifelong Learning at Concordia University, Isabel Dunnigan, explains that the best way forward is to be resilient in accepting and adapting to the ongoing situation.

She, like so many of us, is looking forward to more opportunities for connecting in person this fall. She explains, “While our time may still be limited in comparison to pre-pandemic hours on campus, we will make the most of our time there, by showing up authentically, in an environment that is more comfortable, more fun, and allows us to make the best of our time together.”

By continuously adapting we diversify our ethics, invest in talent and maintain a positive vision for the future.

While things around us, or in the news may seem bleak, learning and higher education will continue to not only concentrate on, but invest in the positives brought on by societal problems and issues at large.

As Concordia eases into a hybrid working and learning experience, there continues to be adjustments and changes along the way; which in essence solidifies the foundation that we have indeed entered the generation of lifelong learning.

At the core of this next-gen experience, Dunnigan explains that higher education's greatest gift is to help people find their own solutions, find where they are in life, and how that can be used to achieve great things and meet societal needs of today.

She finishes the conversation by expressing her sincere admiration to the new cohorte of the continuing education students. “Going back to school can be a challenge, she says, but we are lucky to be together at Concordia, benefitting from the richness in diversity the community has to offer.”

Enjoy your session!

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