An inclusive and flexible internship program that levels the playing field for students in need

BTO aims to help students in equity-seeking groups deepen their engagement with their studies and renew their commitment to their academic program. Selected students will receive a paid internship in a relevant organization (either full-time or part-time). Participants will also have access to additional support like professional mentorship, workshops, and a peer network.

The Program

The program is open to undergraduate students from all four faculties. The internships are flexible (either part-time or full-time), fully funded by the Experiential Learning Office at Concordia University and they can vary in nature and across the total number of hours (anywhere from 50 to 500 hours).

While English is the primary language of the internships, the program also offers interns select placements in French-speaking or bilingual environments.

Internship Options

Internships often integrate a combination of observation, and skills acquisition and application. Review the descriptions of the different internship options below to guide you in finding the right fit for you.

The BTO program is not accepting applications at this time, please check back in May.


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