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Finance subject databases

  • ProQuest Business Databases
    Covers all aspects of management, accounting, finance, marketing, decision sciences and many areas of economics. Includes access to scholarly journals via ABI/Inform Global as well as trade journals. Full text coverage varies from journal to journal. Retrospective index and abstract coverage back to 1971 (selective) with more complete coverage from 1987 onwards.

  • Business Source Complete
    Provides access to full text scholarly journals, business magazines, country reports, company and industry profiles. Includes online access to important journals such as McKinsey Quarterly and Harvard Business Review.

  • EconLit
    Citations with selected abstracts to literature in the field of economics. Includes journal articles, dissertations, working papers, conference proceedings, book chapters and essays. International in scope. Updated monthly.

    Select the Companies/Markets tab and then Company to select/search a company. Financial data is available in the Reports section.
  • FP Advisor
    Includes Company Snapshots  that profiles all Canadian public companies. Each snapshot provides links to other sources of FP financials, ratios and investor data for individual companies, industry data for 33 industries, a directory of predecessor and defunct companies and the Directory of Directors. The Corporate Analyzer section provides detailed information on company financials and market data (beta...) while the Corporate Survey section focuses on stock information. FP Advisor also includes sections on dividends and new issues of Canadian companies.
  • Mergent Online
    Mergent Online provides business and financial information for 23,000 U.S. and international companies. SEC filings (real-time and archived to 1993) are included for the 10,000+ NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ exchange companies. Financials for 15 years can be downloaded to Excel. 

    In basic search mode, you may search by company name or ticker symbol. In advanced search mode, you may search for companies meeting specified criteria such as SIC or NAICS code, geographical area(s), revenues, profits, specified words in descriptive text, etc.

      (Watch 2-min tutorial on how to find financial statements in Mergent Online)

  • Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage

    NetAdvantage provides access to the following:

    • Company Profiles: comprehensive profiles of publicly traded companies that includes business descriptions, recent fundamental data, an interactive charting tool, key stats, S&P ratings, valuation and financial information, as well as the latest stock price quote, company news, and information on competitors.
    • CFRA Industry Surveys: in-depth financial and business analysis of 52 U.S. industries. Includes data, forecasts and trends across various industry sectors. Useful for identifying industry trends and competitors.
    • CFRA Equity Research Reports (Funds): U.S. fund profiles that includes an overview of each fund, comparison of the fund's performance with the market and its competitors, risk and return information, a current quote and statistics.
    • CFRA Equity Research Reports (Stocks): detailed equity evaluations of public companies listed on the New York, NASDAQ and regional stock exchanges. Includes analyst recommendations and fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis for the stock.

  • Value Line Investment Survey
    The Value Line Investment Survey is a comprehensive source of information and advice on approximately 1,700 stocks, more than 90 industries, the stock market, and the economy.  Value Line also provides economic and stock market commentary in the Selection and Opinion section. Updated weekly.
  • Factiva
    Offers over 10,000 news sources, including major business publications, newspapers and newswires from around the world. Includes full text access to current issues of the Wall Street Journal, Globe and Mail, Barron's, Forbes, Fortune and more. Updated continuously.

  • Eureka
    Fulltext of French Canadian newspapers: La Presse 1985 onward, Le Devoir 1992 onward, Le Soleil 1992 onward, Le Droit 1993 onward, the weekly newspaper Voir 1992 onward; and the monthly magazine l'Actualité 1992 onward. Full text access to Les Affaires is also available.

  • CBCA Complete
    Provides full text articles from over 260 active Canadian periodicals and other sources of current affairs information. In addition, CBCA Complete also includes indexing of about 800 additional active periodicals and a variety of daily news sources. For the full text of Canadian newspapers, including the Montreal Gazette, see Canadian Newsstream.

  • Globe & Mail
    Globe and Mail (1844-2016) on Proquest Historical Newspapers, is the electronic full-page newspaper archive of The Globe from June 1844 to three years ago. Coverage includes all the stories, plus thousands of images, advertisements, classifieds, political cartoons, births and deaths from more than 1.4 million pages of Canada's National Newspaper. For more recent Globe & Mail articles, use Factiva.

  • Wall Street Journal
    America's business newspaper of record can be searched on ABI/INFORM Global (Use the Publication tab to select only this newspaper) or Factiva. Both databases have access to the current full-text version of The Wall Street Journal, covering the years 1984 to present (with daily updates). For dates prior to 1984, see ProQuest Historical Newspapers, which provides digital access to WSJ from 1889 to 2002.
  • Mergent Online
    Analyst reports are found under the Investext tab. Use the search criteria to find reports for a specific company.
  • Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage
    Type in the name of the company or ticker that you are looking for. From there, click on the link Equity Research (located on the left-hand side of the page) to get a detailed report.
  • Value Line Investment Survey
    The Value Line Investment Survey is a comprehensive source of information and advice on approximately 1,700 stocks, more than 90 industries, the stock market, and the economy. Each company featured in Value Line has an analyst commentary that is updated regularly.
  • Financial Services Canada
    Published annually, the Financial Services Canada directory is a master file of current contacts and information that serves the needs of the entire financial services industry in Canada. Use this source for get names and contact information of industry professionals, senior executives, portfolio managers, financial advisors, agency bureaucrats and elected representatives in all Canadian provinces.

  • Directory of Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms
    This annual directory offers direct access to over 2,300 US, Canadian and International Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms, with detailed contact information and data on investment and funds.

  • Canadian Business Resource
    Online database that provides a detailed profile of the major companies in Canada, it's history, profiles of the board of directors and contact information of key executives.

  • FP Advisor: Directory of Directors
    Use this section of the database to get contact and background information on over 17,000 directors and executives of Canadian companies who reside in Canada.

  • CRB Commodity Yearbook
    The Yearbook contains worldwide supply/demand and production/consumption data for all the basic commodities and futures markets, including all the major markets in interest rates, currencies, energy, and stock index futures.

  • World Bank: Commodity Markets
    Find monthly world prices of commodities and indices, global outlook and forecast data from the World Bank.
  • Canadian Financial Markets Research Centre (CFMRC)
    Historical price data for common and preferred equities listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Daily data starts as of 1975 and monthly data is available as far back as 1950. Data can be retrieved in different formats that are suited for viewing, printing, and exporting to various statistical packages (SPSS, SAS), or spreadsheets (Excel).
  • Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP)
    CRSP provides acces to NYSE/AMEX/Nasdaq Daily and Monthly Security Prices and other historical data related to over 25,000 companies. Data goes as far back as 1924 in some cases and can be retrieved in different formats that are suited for viewing, printing, and exporting to various statistical packages (SPSS, SAS), or spreadsheets (Excel).
  • WRDS: Wharton Research Data Service (John Molson School of Business Subscription)
    WRDS is a platform that provides access to various different financial datasets such as CRSP and Compustat. Accounts are limited to faculty and graduate students. Go to the website and “Register for a WRDS Account” with your Concordia email address. JMSB will acknowledge your registration and send you a confirmation email to provide access. Please contact JMSB if you have any questions about WRDS.
  • IMF: International Financial Statistics (IFS)
    Maintained by the International Monetary Fund, the IFS database is a standard source of international statistics on all aspects of international and domestic finance. It reports, for over 200 countries of the world, current data needed in the analysis of problems of international payments and of inflation and deflation, i.e., data on exchange rates, international liquidity, international banking, money and banking, interest rates, prices, production, international transactions, national accounts and commodities.  Please note that the Library also subscribes to other IMF online products: Direction of Trade (DOT), Government Finance Statistics (GFS) and Balance of Payments statistics (BOP). 

  • Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)
    Country reports of approximately 200 countries detailing political and economic trends. Each report is updated on a monthly basis.  EIU also contains socio-economic and national accounts data that can be directly exported to a spreadsheet.  Click on the Data Tool link to access both historical and forecast data.

  • OECD iLibrary
    This resource includes the full text of all of OECD publications, that is periodicals (19 titles), monographic studies and statistical databases. Periodical titles include OECD Economic Surveys, OECD Economic Outlook, OECD Observer, to name a few. These publications are of primary concern for Economics and Finance students and faculty. The focus of the publications is on international economics and finance, but the range of issues covered goes from agriculture to transport, energy, science, etc. Statistical data are downloadable in Excel and Beyond 20/20 format.

  • World Development Indicators
    The World Development Indicators (WDI) publication is the World Bank's premier annual compilation of data about development. The WDI includes more than 900 indicators in over 80 tables organized in 6 sections: World View, People, Environment, Economy, States and Markets, and Global Links.

For more resources, see the Economic Resources guide.

  • Bank of Canada
    Lists the value of the Canadian dollar against international currencies (on a daily, monthly, yearly basis) as well as data on Canadian and US interest rates.

  • Bloomberg
    Benchmark currency rates (15 minute delay). To learn more about Foreign Exchanges, you can watch these Bloomberg educational videos.

  • FRED: Federal Reserve Economic Data
    Free database of US and international economic time series. Download and track economic data, interest and exchange rates.

    Get current and historical exchange rates for all the world's currencies going back to 1990.

  • Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation
    Use this site to find up-to-date Canadian housing market reports and data for each region as well as analysis and market forecasts. There is also a link to Canada's Housing Observer which provides an annual review of the state of Canada's housing and a substantial collection of online data resources.

  • Housing Market Information Portal
    A visual, web-based tool, the portal lets users meet their information needs by accessing CMHC’s wealth of housing market data in one location. The portal has four different ways — At-a-Glance, Compare, Tables and Publications — to access information. Each way is supported by a map-based interface, offering quick access to geography-specific information. A search function and a geography-related drop-down menu gives users the flexibility to refine their data search from the national to the neighbourhood level. Users can also access historical, current and comparative reports in a range of outputs, including tables, charts, and maps available in PDF and spreadsheet formats.

  • Commercial Real Estate Investing in Canada
    This ebook is a comprehensive reference guide for anyone interested in Canadian real estate, including investors and professionals. The ebook introduces basic terminology used in real estate, information about mortgages, taxes and more.

  • Quebec Real Estate Statistics
    Statistics and analysis are available for Quebec's metropolitan areas, as well as for the entire province.

  • Montreal: Real Estate Appraisal
    Find information such as the current property assessments, tax information and laws for the city of Montreal.
  • Espace Montréal
    This free online publication offers market leading reports, professional columns, interviews and leasing information (contact information, minimum and maximum leasing costs, rates, construction dates, ceiling heights and total square footage) for the commercial real estate market of the Greater Montreal area. Print copies of this publication can also be consulted at the Webster Reference Desk.
  • Sustainalytics
    This database evaluates and analyzes companies based on their environmental, social and governance performances. It also highlights company involvement in controversies and incidents.

  • Canadian Coalition for Good Governance
    Formed in 2003, the CCGG promotes good governance practices in Canadian companies. Their site is a resource for anyone wishing to learn more about governance best practices and to better understand the thinking of CCGG members on governance issues.

    Use SEDAR to find information on executive compensation in Canadian public companies. Such information is found in the Proxy Circular (also called the Management Information Circular).

  • Corporate Knights
    In addition to publishing a magazine dedicated to Corporate Responsibility, CK also publishes various special reports such as the annual Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada, and the annual Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World.

  • Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment
    The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment promotes advancing sustainable, responsible, and impact investing across all asset classes. The site includes latest trends and facts on US Social and responsible investing, with ESG specific mutual fund listings and fund performance as well as a CSR-focused financial directory.

  • Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility
    Find definitions and detailed explanations of the key CSR terms, reports, principles, forums and treaties written by experts. There are 2,000 signed entries which include references, cross-references and synonyms.

  • Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations (IGOPP)
    A joint initiative of HEC Montréal and Concordia, the Institute aims to become a centre for excellence in governance research & training as well as a centre for the study of best practices at the senior management level.

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