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Information on enzymes

    • Free for academic use but registration is required (recognizes users within Concordia IP range) - Contains data on the function of 3,500 enzymes with references to the literature.
  • ExPASy
    • Free resource - This enzyme database covers catalytic activity, cofactors, and associated diseases.
  • Enzyme Handbook
    • Vanier Reference QP 601 E5158 1990 - Multi-volume set with data on substrate and product spectrum, inhibitors, cofactors, kinetics, etc., for 3,000 enzymes. IMPORTANT: arranged by class of enzymes with data sheets ordered by Enzyme Classification (EC) number. You will have to go to BRENDA or ExPASy first to find this number. An example of an EC number is (Succinate dehydrogenase).
  • Merck Index
    • Online, as well as print copy at Vanier Reference Desk RS 51 M4 - Physical and structural data as well as information on biological importance. Provides literature references to chemical, biological and pharmacological information.
  • Dictionary of Organic Compounds
    • Vanier Reference QD 476 D5 1996 - Multi-volume set with structural, physical, and functional data. It provides references to synthesis and isolation information.
  • SciFinder
    • Accessible at Library workstations or from computers within the Concordia IP range - Major index to the chemical literature and includes structural diagrams, physical data, and reaction information. If you are having difficulty finding enzyme properties, such as Vmax or Km, search for journal articles on your enzyme in SciFinder, Medline, or BIOSIS.
  • Methods in Enzymology
    • Online resource (recognizes users within Concordia IP range) - Useful for methodologies. A CD-ROM index to search the entire set is found at Vanier workstation 141. Remember to take down the relevant volume and page number.
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