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Research Chair on Gambling

Chaire de recherche sur l'étude du jeu

Research Chair on Gambling

Chaire de recherche sur l'étude du jeu


CRI 2019 presentations available!

June 28, 2019

To promote our research projects and continue our strong collaboration with Québec-based clinicians, HERMES has worked closely with RISQ and IUD to offer you this year's Convergence, Research and Intervention (CRI) conference! Our involvement allowed the participation of Prof. David Nieborg as a keynote to raise awareness of the "economics of gamblification of online games.” During his presentation, Prof. Nieborg spoke of the omnipresence and sometimes over-accessibility of online casino social games. In addition, Prof. Louis Gendron was the keynote of the end of the day, presenting his lecture, "Therapeutic Cannabis: Where are we?”, to give us a snapshot of this very important topic, especially these days, in Quebec society.

Four students were awarded a prize each for having the best presentation of their grade. In total, 16 conferences were held during the day. More than 300 people were in attendance, making the CRI a conference you should not miss next year, so make sure to sign up early!

To view the available presentations, click here.

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