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Summer Interactive Symposium 2015

Research 2.0, June 8-11 2015, Concordia University

With the digitalization of gambling and gaming, the lines of inquiry are more likely to cross over various systems raising questions about their distinctive natures and overlaps. The four-day Summer Interactive Symposium - Research 2.0 was the first symposium and training event to address the convergence and difference between two traditions of game research: gambling studies & gaming studies.

Three main questions were at the heart of the debates and discussions:

  • What is driving the new online gambling and digital gaming economy: from community-driven designs to marketing strategies?
  • How can gambling and gaming be one and the same once digitized and online: from panoptical spaces, to online casinos & MOBAs?
  • What is the role of live data recording in shaping online gambling, digital gaming, and online play: the looping effect of big data, from design to experience?

This event aimed to (a) build bridges between the fields of gambling and gaming; (b) promote the cross-fertilization of ideas in a convivial and interactive space; (c) build research capacity through workshops customized for online data; (d) build networks and partnerships.

Poster sessions

Congratulations to the three winners:

Andrew Kim

Adèle Morvannou

Kristina Weissmueller

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