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Research Orientations

Gambling is a multifaceted phenomenon which includes a plethora of experiences. Being a leisure activity for most, gambling is also an addictive practice for others. Geared towards prevention, our research explores gambling as a set of lifestyle behaviours. It also investigates individual and environmental risks for harmful gambling habits in the population. The study of the transactions between individuals/groups and their environments offers promising venues for understanding risks, developing prevention, and promoting sustainable social wellbeing.

The research chair projects develop along three main axis:

Axis 1. Gambling, population approach & social inequalities
This axis contributes to the study of Social stratification and inequalities in gambling patterns of problems

Axis 2. Gambling, digitalization & cyberspace
This axis contributes to the study of (i) digital games, social context & mobile technologies; (ii) digital games & prevention 

Axis 3. Responsible gambling, governance & prevention
This axis contributes to the study of environmental risk and harmful gambling

Our research projects gather multidisciplinary teams with researchers from such fields as Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Epidemiology and Economics.

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