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Follow the Chair's researchers' presence in the different media outlets.

Latest media coverage

Psychological aspects of gambling

12 September 2022 Dr. William Spencer Murch was interviewed on the radio show ON Point with guest host David Peck on Global Radio 640 Toronto.

Increase in auto-exclusion on Loto-Québec

16 May 2022 La Presse+ published an article titled « Le nombre d’autoexclus explose » discussing the rise in auto-exclusion on the Loto-Quebec website with Dr. Kairouz.

Loto-Québec's online gambling self-exclusion

19 May 2022 Dr. Sylvia Kairouz was interviewed by Peter Tardif for a segment on the morning show on CBC Radio Québe City called Online Gambling.

18 May 2022 Dr. Sylvia Kairouz was interviewed by Frédéric Tremblay for C’est Jamais Pareil on Radio-Canada Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

16 May 2022 Dr. Sylvia Kairouz was interviewed by Jean Ernest Pierre for the radio show Billet de retour on CPAM 1410.

Jeux en ligne : Évitez les pièges

June 2021 Dr. Sylvia Kairouz was interviewed by Sophie Stival for Bel-Âge on gambling and its addictive traits. 

The Ethics of Free-To-Play Games

24 February 2021 Dr. Sylvia Kairouz was interviewed by Matthieu Dugal for Radio-Canada's "Moteur de recherche." The interview discusses the ethics on free-to-play games and their monetization.

Ontario bets on legalizing online casinos, Quebec passes its turn

3 January 2021 CBC News published an article in which Dr. Kairouz talks about the legalization of online casinos in Ontario.

Deconfinement: Not for everyone

6 November 2020 La Presse published an article titled “Des services essentiels à ne pas négliger” regarding the open letter written by the AIDQ (Association des intervenants du Québec) concerning deconfinement. 

Loto-Québec and Live Betting

26 December 26 2019 La Presse published an article titled “Loto-Québec lorgne des paris sportifs potentiellement plus addictifs” discussing the potential consequences of Loto-Québec implementing live-betting in the province with Dr. Kairouz.

Les 50 ans de Loto-Québec: Entrevue avec Sylvia Kairouz

23 December 2019 Dr. Sylvia Kairouz partook in an interview with Annie Durocher titled " Les 50 ans de Loto-Québec" on Radio-Canada about Loto-Québec’s 50 year anniversary. In this interview, an analysis of the Loto-Québec’s history through a public health framework is shared.

AI, Data analytics and Gambling

28 June 2019 Axios publishes an article title Casinos are using AI for even greater advantage, describing the marketing practices targeting gamblers, using AI and new technologies. Dr. Kairouz states the dangers of such practices for public health.

Concentration of gambling spending among problem gamblers

Spring 2019 The study Gambling spending and its concentration on problem gamblers, published in 2019 by Dr. Kairouz and French and German collaborators attracted media attention in Quebec. This study demonstrated the high concentration of gambling spending among a small group of problem gamblers, and was replicated across 3 different jurisdications.

Gambling spending and its concentration on problem gamblers

30 may 2019 Vulnerable population most at risk for problem gambling, interview with Andrea Howick for Global News, Morning Montreal.

29 may 2019 Le jeu compulsif payant pour Loto-Québec, interview with Marc André Masson for ICI Radio-Canada, RDI Matin.

29 may 2019 VLT: Large majority of money from small minority of 'problem gamblers', interview with Mattew Gilmour for CJAD 800 AM.

29 may 2019 30% de tous les revenus de Loto-Québec proviennent des joueurs à problème interview with Nathalie Normandeau for Blvd102.1,  Nathalie le Midi.

29 may 2019 Loterie vidéo : quatre dollars sur cinq misés par des joueurs à problèmes. Interview with Annie-Claude Leneau for ICI Radio-Canada Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Région zéro 8.

29 may 2019 Loterie vidéo et dépendance. Interview with Guillaume Dumas for ICI Radio-Canada Québec, C'est encore mieux l'après-midi.

Social media and city mood

16 December 2018  Dr. Sylvia Kairouz is interviewed for the segment titled L'humeur des villes et le goût du risque, for the radio show Les années lumières, aired on Ici Radio-Canada Montréal. The segment presents the results of a research on city mood and risk taking, including participation to lottery. (in French only)

Effects of introducing a regulated online gambling market in Quebec

10 May 2017 Le Soleil publishes Poker en ligne: Loto-Québec perd son pari, an article citing Nicole Arsenault and a study conducted by researchers and students at the Chair. The results presented at the ACFAS conference explore the effects of introducing a state monopoly operator to an unregulated online gambling market. 

Less addictive Video Lottery Terminals?

19 April 2017  ICI Radio-Canada Première en Côte Nord airs an interview with Dr  Kairouz for the radio show Boréale 138 with Michel Plourde. The segment titled Les appareils de loterie vidéo : comment les rendre moins attrayants ? presents how video lottery terminals could be reprogrammed to be less addictive to gamblers. (In French only)

Video Lottery Terminals too addictive?

17 April 2017  ICI Radio-Canada Québec publishes Les appareils de loterie vidéo trop captivants?, an interview by Jonathan Lavoie with Dr Kairouz.  The Research chair on gambling and the programme de criminilogie de l'École de service social de l'Université Laval recently organized a screening of the Australian documentary Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation, presenting a powerful case that Pokie machines are programmed to be addictive.  (In French only)

Video lottery and gambling addiction

29 September 2016 ICI Radio-Canada Première en Abitibi-Témiscamingue airs an interview with Dr  Kairouz for the radio show Région zéro 8 with Annie-Clause Luneau. The segment titled Les appareils de loterie vidéo et la dépendance au jeu presents the situation in Quebec concerning video lotery terminals and gambling addiction. (In French only)

Video Lottery in bars

Autumn 2016 La Presse features an investigative report examining the presence of Video Lottery Terminals in bars in Québec. (In French only)

Investigative reports on Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs)

29 November 2016 La Presse publiches: Loterie vidéo: 1000 appareils seront mis au rancart

17 November 2016 La Presse + publishes Appareils de loterie vidéo: Des centaines d'appareils illégaux en Gaspésie: Des «dépanneurs-casinos» clandestins;  Un problème connu depuis plus de 15 ans;  Un fléau chez les autochtones

16 November 2016 La Presse + publishes Appareils de loterie vidéo: Qui sont les rois de la machineDes millions en revenu;  Entrevue avec Peter Sergakis;  Propriétaires dans l'ombre

28 October 2016 La Presse publishes L'échec de Loto-Québec.

24 October 2016 The column Quand l'État choisit l'aveuglement is published by La Presse.

24 October The editorial Loteries vidéo, RACJ et crime organisé: L'État complice is published by Le Devoir.

21 October 2016 Loterie vidéo: la Régie des Jeux est un «tigre édenté» published by La Presse.

20 October 2016 Loterie Vidéo: le gros lot pour le crime organisé.
Subsequently, LaPresse publishes, Loterie vidéo et crime organisé: Coiteux scrutera les décisions de la Régie.

16 October 2016 La Presse publishes Appareils de loterie vidéo: tous perdants au bout du compte.

12 October 2016 La Presse publishes Loterie vidéo: une «problématique explosive», dit le maire de Saint-Jérôme.

8 October 2016 La Presse publishes Loteries vidéo: Québec veut retirer 1000 machines en zones vulnérables.

7 October 2016 Des ALV pour les gens équilibrés published by Le Soleil.

6 October 2016 Loterie vidéo: Les quartiers les plus à risque is published by La Presse+.

5 October 2016 La Presse publishes: Trop d'appareils pour le nombre d'habitants, including an interractive map of the locations of VLT in Quebec.
Following this article, Offre de loterie vidéo: Leitao rencontrera Loto-Québec pour sévir is published.

2 October 2016 The column L'absurde double chapeau de Loto-Québec is published by La Presse.

1 October 2016 The third article of the report is published by La Presse+.

29 September 2016 The  second article is published by La Presse.
Subsequently, La Presse publie Loterie vidéo: les guichets automatiques seront interdits près des appareils.

28 September 2016  The first article of the investigative report is published. The article quotes Dr. Kairouz and Dr. Nadeau.

28 September 2016 Subsequently, La Presse publishes: Loterie vidéo: les appareils inactifs vont «rester dans l'entrepôt», dit Couillard.
28 September 2016 Le Journal de Montréal publie l'article: Machine de loterie vidéo: une diminituion, mais pas d'échéancier.

The Powerball hype

4 January 2016 Learn from Dr. Sylvia Kairouz what makes so many of us buy into the Powerball hype in "The Powerball lottery: why do we throw money at 1-292 million odds?" published by the University Communications Services.

Dr. Ingo Fiedler's media coverage

29 September 2014 Our visiting scholar Dr. Ingo Fiedler's subject knowledge and research is cited by two international newspapers Süddeutsche Zeitung and China Morning Post, Germany's largest TV station ARD, as well as NDR, the main state radio station for Northern Germany.

Symposium on gambling at Concordia

3 June 2015 The world's leading experts in two expanding fields of research are coming together at Concordia in a symposium organized by the Research Chair on Gambling. View the news story here.

The true costs of gambling

Spring 2014 Learn about the true costs of gambling and alcohol addictions from Dr. Sylvia Kairouz and three other experts who share their expertise in "Worth the gamble?", an article published in the Concordia Magazine (page 25).

The gambling habits of Quebecers

29 March 2014 La Presse features an article Jouer avec le feu on the gambling habits of Quebecers based on the FRQ-SC ENHJEU-QC report. (In French only)

Gambling awareness campaign

27 January 2014 Loto-Québec issued a press release that announced its gambling awareness campaign, C’est toujours le hasard qui décide, and mentions research conducted by Sylvia Kairouz. (In French only)

Alcohol on casino floors

10 June 2013 L'Actualité features a story that discusses the risks of allowing alcohol on casino floors and at gaming tables. It mentions a study conducted by Sylvia Kairouz in collaboration with a colleague from the Université de Montréal about gambling habits in Quebec. (In French only)

Gambling with students

10 October 2012 A gambling addiction study by Sylvia Kairouz, a professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, is mentioned in an article in La Rotonde about the potential negative ramifications, particularly for students, if the mayor of Ottawa agrees to build a casino in the city. (In French only)

Not-for-profit references the work of Concordia gambling expert

16 July 2012 CNW news release by Mise sur toi, a not-for-profit organization that works to inform Quebec adults about the dangers of excessive gambling, references a study by Sylvia Kairouz, a professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and a member of the Centre for Research on Human Development. (In French only)

The Gambling Research Chair Grant

17 May 2012 OnlineCasino features an article about the inauguration of the first in Quebec Gambling Research Chair Grant awarded to Dr. Sylvia Kairouz, a professor at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Concordia University

The risks of online gambling

29 March, 2012 A study led by Sylvia Kairouz, a professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and a member of the Centre for Research on Human Development, shows that online gamblers are more likely to engage in risky behaviours than offline gamblers: PsychCentralMedicalPress, La PresseTVA NouvellesCanoeBusiness & HealthHealth CanalTG DailyNewstrack IndiaNews MedicalMinneapolis Star TribuneMedical ExpressScience CodexCJAD Radio and BCS.

Results of the ENHJEU - Quebec survey

10 November 2010 The CNW features a story describing the results of the first wave of the ENHJEU-QC survey, lead by Dr. Sylvia Kairouz and Dr. Louise Nadeau. (In French only)

Pathological gamblers in Quebec

22 May 2010 The 24 publishes a short news story mentioning some key results, such as the proportion of pathological gamblers in Quebec, from the ENHJEU-QC survey, lead by Dr. Sylvia Kairouz and Dr. Louise Nadeau. (In French only)

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