Research Chair on Gambling

Chaire de recherche sur l'étude du jeu

Research Chair on Gambling

Chaire de recherche sur l'étude du jeu


Horizon Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunity at the Research Chair

July 4, 2017

Applications are now being accepted for the Horizon Postdoctoral Fellowship offered at the Research Chair on Gambling at Concordia University.

Research program title

Development of a Detection System for Problematic Online Gambling


Sylvia Kairouz and Martin French

Program description

With the rapid development of digital technologies, gambling has been popularized online, raising new challenges for the prevention of gambling problems. This postdoctoral training involves working on the first study developing a system of indicators for the detection of risky patterns of online gambling By combining live activity behavioural data with information on the severity of gambling problems, this project will develop algorithms to identify 1) at-risk gamblers requiring more intensive preventive messages, and 2) problem gamblers to propose referrals to specialized treatment services. Ultimately, this project will develop recommendations to support the implementation of dynamic preventive tools on online gambling sites for the screening and intervention of high-risk and problem gamblers. The postdoctoral fellow is expected to disseminate the findings through knowledge translation activities, including the creation of a report, as well as taking a leadership role in authoring manuscripts that will be submitted to peer-reviewed journals.

The training plan is designed around activities that will enhance and foster four types of competencies:

  1. Knowledge and expertise in online gambling; 
  2. Proficiency in state-of-the-art statistical techniques;
  3. skills in knowledge translation and exchange (KTE) within academia and among various non-academic stakeholders;
  4. Developing and sustaining collaborations and networks.


Consult the complete offer here (reference #3004)

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