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Life Analysis: An exhibition of new works by Georgina Smith

Date & time

Monday, April 18, 2016 –
Friday, May 6, 2016 (all day)


This event is free

Wheelchair accessible


Life Analysis, by an exhibition of work by Art Education student Georgina Smith, presents a collection of surrealist figurative acrylic paintings. This series invites the viewer through the looking glass of Smith’s subconscious. Using intuition and symbolism, she creates artworks that are significant for the comprehension and the analysis of events and situations in her own life. Although, these subjects do not represent the artist physically, Smith considers her work as self-portraits.

Photographs taken of child’s play inspired the artist for this series. Smith states that children’s innocence in their interactions with the world creates powerful composition and genuine emotion. In her work, she uses existing subjects and places them in a surreal setting which gives an eerie and mystical tone.

These pieces assemble the depiction of the artist’s life in the past year, giving insight on complicated situations encountered. Each piece has its own story and personal meaning.

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