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Trade journals

Description of the Trade Journal Page

This page lists over 60 trade journals subscribed to by Concordia University Library in print covering numerous industries and business activities. Included in each journal entry are:

  • The title
  • A link to the website homepage for each journal, which may or may not include access to the text of the articles. Please note that many websites include unique online directories of suppliers, often called Buyer's Guides.
  • A link to fulltext access online via the Libraries subscription article databases, when available. Important note: fulltext content may not include images or advertising.
  • A link to the Sofia Discovery tool record for the journal. The record contains the date of the most currently received issue and the call number for finding it in Concordia Libraries' periodical collections.

Print subscriptions are maintained for many of these magazines because online editions, when available, often do not include the original illustrations (ex: tables, graphs, etc.) or the advertising from the print issues, which are important components of these types of publications. Missing as well from online content, but which the Libraries may receive with a print subscription, are the special issues that trade journals often publish once or more times a year; these can include industry & market reports, buyer's guides (directories of suppliers), etc. 

Organization of the Trade Journal Page

The journals are organized according to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2007 - Canada. 2, 3 and 4 digit codes are used to classify the publications.

The NAICS code is a standardized system, developed by statistical agencies of Canada, Mexico and the United States, that assigns numbers to each type of business activity. The larger the number the more specific the activity is, for example: 72 = "accommodation and food services", 7211 = "traveler accommodation", 721191 = "bed and breakfast". To learn more about this classification system visit Statistics Canada's page.

If you are unfamiliar with NAICS classification system you may want to browse it or keyword search it on Statistics Canada's website.

Tips for searching the Trade Journals page:

  • Consider related categories which may be of interest. Examples:
    • If your business is food wholesaling, also check the NAICS categories for food manufacturing (311) and food retailing (445: Food and Beverage Stores).
    • When searching for a journal related to your business activity, consider both the activity you are engaged in and the industry you may be practicing in. For example, if your company manufactures steel materials for the construction industry, you might want to look at both the NAICS code for manufacturing of steel and for construction.
  • Publications have only been classified under wholesale trade (41) if they deal directly with this topic.
  • If your activity is marketing see categories for advertising, public relations, etc., which are found under Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (54). The term "marketing" is not used in NAICS as a business activity.
  • The same publication may appear more than once if it is related to more than one business activity.
21 - Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction

Multidisciplinary Publications

211 - Oil and Gas Extraction

23 - Construction

Multidisciplinary Publications

236 - Construction of Buildings

237 - Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

2373 - Highway, Street and Bridge Construction

238 - Specialty Trade Contractors

2382 - Building Equipment Contractors

31-33 - Manufacturing

Multidisciplinary Publications

311 - Food Manufacturing

312 - Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing

3121 - Beverage Manufacturing

321 - Wood Product Manufacturing

3219 - Other Wood Product Manufacturing

322 - Paper Manufacturing

325 - Chemical Manufacturing

3252 - Resin, Synthetic Rubber, and Artificial and Synthetic Fibres and Filaments Mfg

326 - Plastics and Rubber Products Manufacturing

3261 - Plastic Product Manufacturing

327 - Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing

3272 - Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing

3273 - Cement and Concrete Product Manufacturing

331 - Primary Metal Manufacturing

3311 - Iron and Steel Mills and Ferro-Alloy Manufacturing

3315 - Foundries

332 - Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing

3321 - Forging and Stamping

3323 - Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturing

333 - Machinery Manufacturing

3334 - Ventilation, Heating, Air-Conditioning and Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Mfg

3339 - Other General-Purpose Machinery Manufacturing

335 - Electrical Equipment, Appliance and Component Manufacturing

3359 - Other Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing

336 - Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

3364 - Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing

41 - Wholesale Trade

Multidisciplinary Publications

44-45 - Retail Trade

Multidisciplinary Publications

444 - Building Material and Garden Equipment and Supplies Dealers

4441 - Building Material and Supplies Dealers

445 - Food and Beverage Stores

4451 - Grocery Stores

446 - Health and Personal Care Stores

48-49 - Transportation and Warehousing

Multidisciplinary Publications

481 - Air Transportation

51 - Information and Cultural Industries

512 - Motion Picture and Sound Recording Industries

5121 - Motion Picture and Video Industries

52 - Finance and Insurance

Multidisciplinary Publications

54 - Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

541 - Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

5413 - Architectural, Engineering and Related Services

5414 - Specialized Design Services

5416 - Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

5418 - Advertising, Public Relations, and Related Services

72 - Accomodation and Food Services

Multidisciplinary Publications

91 - Public Administration

Multidisciplinary Publications

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