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Library sources in urban planning - focus on Montreal

This guide lists a selection of the more important sources of information on Urban Planning - Focus on Montreal available at Concordia Library. It includes material held in the Webster Library on the Sir George Williams Downtown Campus, and some at the Vanier Library (VAN) on the Loyola Campus and/or available online. This is not a complete list. Additional resources may be found by searching  the Sofia Discovery tool.

Architecture & Urban Planning, General

L'architecture de Montréal : guide des styles et des bâtiments: REF NA 747 M65R44 1990 WEBSTER.
French text. This book describes thirty architectural styles present in Montreal, giving examples of buildings for each with accompanying descriptions and photographs.

Architecture et accommodement : l'expérience de Montréal : Ebook.
French Text. The Institut national de la recherche scientifique’s report on urbanisation, culture and society in Montreal over the past 50 years.

The architecture of Andrew Thomas Taylor: NA 749 T39W33 2013 WEBSTER
A look at the work and legacy of Andrew Thomas Taylor, a prominent late 19th century architect who helped organize the architectural profession in Quebec.

Atlas historique de Montreal: HT 169 C32M62 2002 WEBSTER
Atlas depicting the urban morphology of Montreal.

Atlas of Montreal: NA 9016 C3M65 1992 WEBSTER
A retrospective of the projects and studies produced between 1980 and 1990 by the Unité d’architecture urbaine – published by the Urban Architecture Unit – of the School of Architecture of the Université de Montréal. Illustrated.

City metaphors urban constructs: urban architecture in Montreal, 1980- 1990: NA 9016 C3M65 1992 WEBSTER.
A retrospective of the projects and studies produced between 1980 and 1990 by the Unité d’architecture urbaine – published by the Urban Architecture Unit – of the School of Architecture of the Université de Montréal. Illustrated.

Le développement urbain viable à Montréal : quelques avenues de réflexion et d'action : rapport final: HT 243 C32M64 1990 VAN.
French Text. Proposes a model for “viable” city development and presents an overview of the state of urban planning at the time. Includes bibliography.

Faire et fuir la ville: NA 9053 S6D34 2006 Ebook
French text. This book examines cultural centers and public space in both Montreal and Toronto. Includes city plans and black and white photographs.

Grassroots, greystones, and glass towers : Montreal urban issues and architecture: HT 169 C32M645 1989 VAN.
Examines heritage, planning process, provincial & municipal poltics. Chapters cover Urban Development, Urban Space, Architecture, Heritage and Housing and deal with contemporary concerns. Includes black and white illustrations and an index.

Guide Montréal: un guide architectural et historique.: REF FC 2947.18 G74X 1983 WEBSTER.
French text. Guide book with walking tours of several delineated areas of the city, for example old Montreal, downtown, the golden square mile, the Latin Quarter, and describing briefly the history and architecture for each.

A guidebook to contemporary architecture in Montréal : EF NA 747 M65D85 2008 WEBSTER.
A look at contemporary architecture in Montreal, featuring 75 innovatively designed buildings and public spaces. Pictures and sketches accompany each project.

Imaginer, réaliser la ville du 21e siècle:  HT 166 I43 2008 WEB pt.1,2,3.
French text. 3 part series describing various development projects in Montreal, and how they highlight best practices for the city moving forward.

La métropolisation et ses territoires: HT 361 M47 2009 WEBSTER.
French text. Explores the process of urbanisation on different areas of Quebec, and the effect it has had on existing organisations and power structures.

Montréal at the crossroads : superhighways, the Turcot and the Environment: HT 169 C22M655 2009 WEBSTER.
This volume provides an architectural and social analysis of the mansions of Montreal’s Golden Square Mile, built between 1850 and 1930, including descriptions of more than forty individual buildings accompanied by photographs. Includes a bibliography.

Montréal aujourd'hui et demain: Politique, urbanisme, tourisme: HT 384 C32M665 2009 WEBSTER.
French text. A broad ranging analysis of Montreal’s urban landscape.

Montréal en paysages: HT 178 C22M618 2011 Ebook.
French text. A pictorial reflection on the social and political implications of urbanisation in Montreal. Includes colour photographs and city plans.

Montréal et son aménagement : HT 169 C32M366 2012 Ebook.
French text. A selection of essays written by Montreal architect and urban planner Jean-Claude Marsan. With black and white photographs.

Montréal et Toronto : villes intérieures: HT 169 C32M633 2011 Ebook.
French text. An exploration of the difference and similarities of urban renewal projects in the cities of Montreal and Toronto.

Montreal in evolution : historical analysis of the development of Montreal's architecture and urban environment: NA 9130 M6M3713 1990 WEBSTER.
Examines the development of architecture & the evolution of the urban environment in Montreal. Covers architectural styles in Montreal from the 16th to the late 20th century. Includes Illustrations and an extensive bibliography.

Montréal en évolution : historique du développement de l'architecture et de l'environnement urbain montréalais: NA 747 M65M36 1994 WEBSTER.
French text. Third edition and revised edition. For the first English edition, consult Montreal in Evolution.

Montréal 2001: visages et défis d’une métropole: HT 169 C32M69 1998 WEBSTER.
French text. Covers topics relating to the physical, human and economic geography of the region of Montreal, including historical perspectives. Short chapters by different authors, including bibliographies.

Montreal: geographical essays: FC 2947.3 M664 1981 WEBSTER.
Published by Concordia’s Geography department. Topics include: green spaces, the port of Montreal, railways, early maps, Old Montreal, St-Denis street, working class housing.

Montreal metropolis, 1880-1930: NA 747 M65M66 1998 WEBSTER.
Catalogue for exhibition at the Centre for Canadian Architecture. Discusses the evolution of socio-economic conditions, architecture and urban infrastructure during the years 1880-1930. Highly illustrated.

Montréal : the quest for a metropolis: FC 2947.3 G47 2000 WEBSTER.
Examination of the history of urban planning Montreal, with focus on social and economic conditions.

Montréal: son histoire, son architecture. Vol 1-3: REF FC 2947.4 P55 1987 WEBSTER.

Montréal: son histoire, son architecture. Vol 4-5: REF FC 2947.4 P55 1992 WEBSTER.
French text. Gives an architectural description of hundreds of buildings and houses in the city and its suburbs.

Montréal et l'urbanisme, hier et aujourd'hui: HT 169 C32M6513 1990 WEBSTER
French text. Discussion of urban planning in Montreal, both historical and present. Highly illustrated, particularly with maps, plans and bird’s eye views of the city and its various neighbourhoods.

Opening the gates of eighteenth-century Montréal: FC 2947.4 O64 1992 WEBSTER
Catalogue for exhibition at the Centre for Canadian Architecture. Reviews the urban history of Montréal during the 18th century and focuses on “the fortifications, the structure of land use in the town, and the architecture of houses and institutions.” Includes illustrations, mainly of city plans, and a chronology.

Pignon sur rue: les quartiers de Montréal: 2947.5 B45 1991b WEBSTER
French text. Describes the history, urban planning and architecture of various neighborhoods in the area of Montreal, for example the Plateau, Rosemont, Notre-Dame-de-Grace, Pointe-aux-Trembles. Highly Illustrated. Covers residential, public and commercial architecture.

Projet pilote de revitalisation urbaine intégrée : démarche d'évaluation : Ebook.
French text. Report of an urban renewal project undertaken by the city of Montreal starting in 2004.

Quartiers ouvriers d'autrefois, 1850-1950: FC 2918 S52 2004 WEBSTER
French text. Mainly photographic work. Illustration and description of working-class neighbourhoods in Montreal, Quebec City and Sherbrooke.

Revitalisation urbaine et concertation de quartier : Ebook.
French text. A look at Montreal’s urban development and and population concentration over the past 40 years.

Sauver Montréal : chroniques d'architecture et d'urbanisme: NA 747 M65M37 1990 WEBSTER
French text. Compilation of articles, most appearing originally in Le Devoir, dealing with contemporary urban development and architecture in Montreal as well as related topics.

YUL MTL : paysages en movement: TE 27 Q4P68 2015 WEBSTER
French text. Describes the approach to landscape infrastructure planning that was used for the YUL-MTL: Moving Landscapes initiative held in Montreal. This initiative combined a design competition and a workshop with collaborative efforts between 20 public agencies to rethink a 17 km stretch of Montreal's Autoroute 20.

Types of Buildings

Les belles églises du Québec: NA 5246 Q4C76 1996 WEBSTER
French text. Describes in images and text 40 Catholic churches found on the island of Montréal and built between the 18th and 20th century.

Church architecture in Montreal during the British-Colonial period 1760-1860: NA 5247 M6E67 1999 WEBSTER
Thesis. ”By examining church production in Montreal during the period, those cultural imperatives inscribed by French, English, Scottish, Irish and American denominations become apparent. The assimilation of building traditions. . . was critical in determining the architectural character of Canada’s first metropolis.” Includes black and white illustrations and an extensive bibliography.

50 houses in and around Montreal : an album of measured drawings: NA 7243 M6A535 2005 WEBSTER
A look at significant houses in Montreal. With architectural drawings.

Les gratte-ciel de Montréal: NA 6234 C2M6 1990 WEBSTER
French text. Extensive history of skyscrapers in Montréal. Highly illustrated and includes a bibliography.

Les infrastructures vertes: un outil d'adaptation aux changements climatiques : Ebook.
French text. A look at the infrastructure of Montreal’s greenspace and the role it plays both within the community and in the larger environmental context. With colour photographs.

Les maisons-nature de Pierre Thibault, architecte : NA 7243 M66T45 2010 WEBSTER
A celebration of the work of architect Pierre Thibault, who sought to better integrate a home’s design into the environment that surrounds it. Includes colour photographs.

Montréal, la ville aux cent clochers : regards des Montréalais sur leurs lieux de culte: NA 5247 M65M66 2002 WEB
French text. Short introduction to churches and places of worship in Montreal. Surveys historical background, the communities these structures serve, highlighting the architecture and art of some communities. No index.

Répertoire d'architecture traditionnelle sur le territoire de la Communauté urbaine de Montréal
French text. This series is made up of inventories of pre-second-world-war buildings in Montreal of architectural interest. Entries for each building include photographs and usually short descriptions with a history of their construction and use.

Architectural Styles, Structures and Details

Les escaliers de Montréal: NA 3060 B78 1998 WEB
French text. Provides a brief social history of outdoor stairways in the city of Montréal. Mainly photographic work.

L'ornementation architecturale art deco à Montréal, 1925-40: NA 3513 M6D8 1990 WEB
A thesis tracing the history of art deco architecture in the city. 

Sur les traces du Montréal moderne et du domaine de l'Estérel au Québec = Discovering modern Montréal and the Estérel Resort in Québec: NA 747 M65S87 2007 WEB.
Text in French and English. A guide to modern architecture in Montreal and environs from the 1930s to the 1980s. Features both lesser known buildings and major works. With colour Photographs.

Touches of fantasy on Montreal streets: NA 3513 M6M38 1977 WEB
Mainly photographic work. The volume is organized into sections focusing on particular architectural details; each section is accompanied by a short paragraph and depicts structures such as, for example, staircases, balconies, and façades. Each photograph is labelled with the location of the particular detail illustrated. Includes an index of locations.


A street called the Main: the story of Montreal's Boulevard Saint-Laurent: FC 2947.67 G75 1989 WEB
An in depth look at one of Montreal's most historically important streets. 

L'audit de potentiel piétonnier de la RUI Galt : pour un quartier qui marche : Ebook.
French Text. Report on the walkability of the Galt neighbourhood in Côte-Saint-Paul and the health, economic and social benefits of walkable neighborhoods.

The Bank of Montreal building on Place d'Armes, 1845-1901 NA 6245 C32M6513 1999.
St-Laurent boulevard through the ages, with historical photographs.

Du chemin du Roy à la rue Notre-Dame : mémoires et destins d'un axe est-ouest à Montréal : FC 2947.67 N67 2001 WEBSTER
French Text. Highly illustrated. Includes bibliography.

Les édifices conventuels du Vieux Montréal : aspects ethno-historiques: FC 2947.7 L25X WEBSTER
French text. A look at the successes and failures of preserving historic buildings in Old Montreal.

Frederick Law Olmsted's Mount Royal Park, Montreal: design and context: FC 2947.65 S44X 1983 WEBSTER
Thesis. “The park plan is considered as a product of ideas current in urban development and aesthetics of the period, social and health requirements of the citizens. . . artistic and literary interpretations. . . and the architect’s experience. . .” Includes b & w illustrations and an extensive bibliography.

Il était une fois dans un HLM : Ebook.
French text. Report detailing the community involvement in the redevelopment plan for the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district in Montreal. Includes pictures and city plans.

Mansions of the Golden Square Mile, Montreal, 1850-1930: NA 7515 C2R4613 1987 WEBSTER
This volume provides an architectural and social analysis of the mansions of Montreal’s Golden Square Mile, built between 1850 and 1930, including descriptions of more than forty individual buildings accompanied by photographs. Includes a bibliography.

Méditations urbaines autour de la place Émilie-Gamelin: HT 178 C22M664 2013 WEBSTER
French text. A study of Place Emilie-Gamelin, focusing on the cultural significance of the area and its context in Montreal as a whole. Some black and white photographs.

Montreal's Sherbrooke Street : the spine of the city: FC 2947.67 S62 2006 WEBSTER
Explores the history of Montreal from the vantage point of Sherbrooke street. Includes historical photographs.

Old Montreal : history through heritage: FC 2947.53 H5713 2004 WEBSTER
A historical and architectural primer of Old Montreal. With colour photographs.

Le quartier des spectacles et le chantier de l'imaginaire montréalais : Ebook.
French text. An exploration of the planning and execution of Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles, and the role the cultural community played in its creation.               

Requalification du secteur St-Viateur Est : Ebook.
French text. Report on the redevelopment of St-Viateur East. Includes maps and tables.

Other Sources of Information in Montreal

Heritage Montreal
100 Sherbrooke Street East
Suite 0500
Montreal H2X 1C3
Tel.: (514) 286-2662 ext. 21

The “Documentation Center is a unique reference library of heritage, planning, renovation, legislation and urban issues. It is open for students, media, professionals, homeowners, and general public research. Information files include various Montreal neighbourhoods, important buildings and places, newspaper clippings (architecture columns), etc." Please contact the centre for the hours of operation.

Canadian Centre for Architecture
1920 Baile Street
Montreal H3H 2S6
Tel.: (514)939-7011

“The Library of the CCA is an international research collection devoted to the history of architecture and the built environment.” The library is open to researchers only after making an appointment by telephone at 514-939-7011. The library catalogue is available online.

Archives of Montreal
Salle de consultation Conrad-Archambault
275, Notre-Dame Est, bureau R.108
Montreal H2Y 1C6
Tel.: (514) 872-2615 or 872-1173

The archives are open for research from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Documents archived include photographs, official publications, newspaper clippings about the streets and important buildings of Montreal.

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