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Education Web Sites

Education Technology
  • AECT
    Association for Educational Communications and Technology.
    Formed by the consolidation of Educom and CAUSE. Focus on the management and use of computational, network and information resources in support of higher education.
  • ISTE
    International society for Technology in Education.
  • Telelearning
    Check the Telelearning-Centres of Excellence home page. The Centre was founded in 1995 to research, develop, demonstrate and evaluate new learning models through the use of technology.
Curriculum Materials Projects and Resources

The sites below provide lesson plans, educational projects for K-12 students and much more... The list is far from exhaustive, but a good starting point for students and educators wishing to take advantage of the many resources available on the World Wide Web. Some sites are organized around themes such as Multiculturalism or Special Education.

General K-12 sites
Special Education
  • Center for Applied Special Technology
    Using technology to expand opportunities for all
  • Council for Exceptional Children
    International, professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted.
  • LDOnline
    Guide to learning disabilities for parents teachers and children
  • Mindplay
    Publisher of learning tools, software, etc.
  • NCIP
    National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education through Technology Media and Materials. Includes links to Special Ed. resources
Adult Education and Literacy
Government Sites
  • Ontario. Ministry of Education and Training
    This site also includes links to other Canadian Education sites including TV Ontario.
  • Quebec. Education, Loisir et Sports
    Curriculum Information on the Quebec Education Program (English).
  • Statistics Canada
    Click on "Free" under Browse our Internet Publications for a list of Education related reports; search the Online Catalogue for additional publications.
    The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization covers International Education issues.
  • United States. Department of Education
    Statistics, directories, general information about the U.S. Department of Education. Provides links to curricular resources and networking projects plus US educational organizations and associations.
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