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Marie-Victoria Laurence

portrait of the artist

About the Artist

Marie-Victoria Laurence is a dance artist with a background in visual arts, illustration and traditional animation. A recent graduate of Concordia University’s Contemporary Dance program, her passion for animals informs her approach to choreography through playfulness, improvisation and floor work. She is currently dancing as part of Diego Cervantes’ Tarot Project.

A dancer with her arm up a lamp shade. Marie-Victoria Laurence in residency at MainLine. Photo by ASH KG

About the Residency Project

During the Bouge d'ici x Art Volt residency, Marie-Victoria Laurence developed material for a piece entitled “I AM THE CAT LADY”, a dancing duet in homage to her two 16 year-old cats. In collaboration with dancers Diego Cervantes, Marie-Laurence Deschênes, and musician Pierre-Olivier Bolduc, a movement story inspired by the strong bonds between cats and their human counterparts was explored. Costume designer Adrienne Gantenberg also joined to begin playing and experimenting with fabrics.

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Recognising the generous support

This initiative is made possible by the generous support of the Peter N. Thomson Family Innovation Fund.


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